Sustainable fuels could make drivers and vehicles more environmentally friendly. Exempt from the petrol/diesel ban

Campaigners argue that vehicles using “sustainable fuels,” which reduce pollution, should be exempted from tax. Because sustainable fuels use existing infrastructure and pumps,

This petition will be open for six months, and the deadline is 21 December.

Only 413 signatures were received so far. 10,000 are needed to get a response from the Government.

If 100,000 signatures are collected, the rule could be discussed in the House of Commons.

Instead of using traditional diesel or petrol fuel, sustainable fuels can be made out of renewable resources.

Malcolm McKay, spokesperson for Historic Classic and Vehicle Association said that e-fuels are ideal for owners of classic cars who are concerned about electrification.

He stated that E-fuels with green energy are potential carbon-neutral, and the best solution for long-haul vehicles, aircraft and ships.

They offer a viable solution to poorer countries that have older vehicles and a weak electricity infrastructure.

They also provide a safety net for older vehicles.

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