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The only thing that limits animation is its creator’s imagination. Animation is not bound by the real world. It can be used to tell stories about animals talking, menacing creatures, science-fiction odysseys or surreal adventures with a severed leg. Each of these visions brings out the best in each character and can be realized using either stop-motion or hand-drawn animation. What vision are you going to choose?

We have a selection of animations that are both funny and sophisticated. You can now stream all of them on Netflix.

1. __S.7__

Jack Black’s boundless energy is a gift to the adorable panda in the middle of the animated martial arts epic. The Furious Five, renowned martial arts masters and kung fu experts, are graceful, focused, and serious in a world full of animal warriors. A panda called Po (Black), who is clumsy and excitable but easily distracted, dreams of joining their ranks. This is until a shocking twist of fate grants him the title of Dragon Warrior. He and his dubious brothers must now defeat Tai Lung the snow leopard, which would cause great pain to the Valley of Peace.

John Stevenson and Mark Osborne directed this DreamWorks movie. It features eye-popping action scenes and hilarious slapstick. The cast also includes Dustin Hoffman and Angelina Jolie as well as Seth Rogen and Seth McShane. You can pair this with Kung Fu Panda2 to create a DIY double-feature.

Watch Kung Fu Panda on Netflix.

2. __S.17__

Over the Moon
Credit: Netflix

You’ll find something that has a Disney touch if you visit Glen Keane’s stunning debut feature directedorial debut. Keane is an animator who created classics like Tarzan, Aladdin and Tarzan. A young girl who is grieving the death of her mother builds a rocket to fly to the Moon and see the mythical goddess. This heartwarming heroine is able to achieve what appears impossible, while healing from grief is more difficult. A touching and humorous story with radiant characters and stellar songs is brought to life in this voice cast, which includes Cathy Ang and Phillipa Soo as well as Ken Jeong and Margaret Cho and Sandra Oh and John Cho and Kimiko Glenn.

Watch Over The Moon on Netflix.

3. __S.29__

The Willoughbys
Credit: Netflix

This Netflix original is based on Lois Lowry’s bizarre book. It centers around a dysfunctional family that needs radical changes. The Willoughbys have four talented, enthusiastic, and adorable children who they absolutely hate. For Tim, Jane (Alessia Kara), Barnaby A (Sean Cullen), and Barnaby B (Will Forte), life can be very difficult. They concoct an absurd scheme to send their parents on dangerous vacation. The siblings’ dangerous plan to be independent is thwarted when Maya Rudolph, a plucky and determined nanny arrives at their doors. The joyous adventure of a life time soon replaces the antics and agonies. This animated film is a combination of the sharp designs by Kris Pearn and Ricky Gervais’s stern narration. Lowry’s dark storyline gives it a charming, yet cheeky edge.

Watch The Willoughbys are streaming on Netflix.

4. __S.44__

Laika is the same studio behind Coraline and The Boxtrolls. This comedy stars a child who communicates with the dead. Norman Babcock, 11, is not haunted. Kodi Smit McPhee plays him. He enjoys having conversations with ghosts that wander the streets of Blithe Hollow in Massachusetts. His peers may think that he is a strangeo. Norman, along with a group of Monster Squad members prove to be the hero this hollow requires after an old curse releases lurching Zombies. Sam Fell, Chris Butler, Elaine Stritch, John Goodman and Jeff Garlin bring their playful horror references to this fun, family-friendly adventure. The best thing about this highly-acclaimed cartoon is the amazing stop motion animation. It gives the spooky tale a life and a look all of its own.

Watch ParaNorman on Netflix.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Sony Pictures Animation is the home of such bold and exciting animated films as Surf’s Up and Hotel Transylvania. __S.58__ When Katie Jacobson, the Mitchells’ daughter, is set to leave for college (Abbi Jacobson), their adventure begins. Her dad, Danny McBride, is desperate to make one more family-unifying trip. He piles her family in his truck and unknowingly charts a path into the great outdoors. The film’s director Mike Rianda uses Katie’s exuberant perspective to add humor and excitement. He also employs social media reactions, internet memes, and other bizarre visuals. Although it might be controversial, the film has been largely praised by critics as well as kids.

Watch You can stream The Mitchells Vs. the Machines on Netflix.

6. __S.65__

Credit: Netflix

Klaus tells the story of Santa Claus’ origins, starting with his iconic look and flying reindeer. It also includes the traditional mailing of Christmas wish lists. It all starts with a lonely postman who hates his job as much as he hates the locals in his isolated, frozen post. Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons and J.K. Simmons are perfect for the role of snarky or restrained. They create a touching tale about unlikely friendship, reminiscent of Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove. Sergio Pablos, the director of this Netflix original animation, pioneered a style of animation that combined elements from hand-drawn techniques with computer graphics. The result is a film so beautiful that you can only watch it once per year.

Watch The video is available on Netflix.

7. __S.78__

Do you want something unsettling but still kid-friendly? This 2006 movie is the perfect choice. The Big Bad, a sentient and towering old house, eats toys, as well as children. Although the concept might seem disturbing, kids will love the story of three children who discover not only the horrors and hidden secrets of the Monster House. This family-friendly movie is a good choice for a night of fun and fright. Director Gil Kenan uses motion-capture animation to tap into Amblin Entertainment’s well-established aesthetic. It combines grounded drama with freaky fantasy. A voice cast featuring well-known actors like Steve Buscemi and Fred Willard as well as Catherine O’Hara and Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kathleen Turner adds oomph and grown-up appeal. Treat or trick? You can have both.

Watch Monster House on Netflix.

8. __S.89__

Are you looking for something that evokes Studio Ghibli’s vibe? This charming tale about a mermaid will appeal to you. This seaside anime is directed by Masaaki Yuasa. It follows an introverted middle-schooler whose life changes when his band practices attracts attention to a little Mermaid. Lu, a giddy, unflappable shapeshifter, brings joy to this small fishing community with his song, dance and, of course, a cute merpuppy. Lu Over The Wall is full of vivid colors and heartwarming moments. Netflix has a sub-titled version that features the original Japanese voicetrack for anime fans. For viewers who are not yet ready to watch the movie in English, there is a strong English overdub.

Watch Lu Over the Wall on Netflix.

9. __S.99__

Arlo the Alligator Boy
Credit: Netflix

This Netflix original features the story of the alligator boy, and offers a great road trip experience that includes every shade of the rainbow. Arlo, Michael J. Woodard’s son, was raised in the American South bayous. He has not been able to fit in with humans or other animals. With a song in the heart and a talent for making new friends, Arlo sets out to search New York City for his father and fortune. He’ll encounter a variety of unusual characters along the route, including Tony Hale and Mary Lambert as well as Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Ryan Crego, the director of The Strange and Wonderful World of Ryan Crego is a master of absurdity and charming song lyrics that will enchant.

Watch The Alligator Boy streaming on Netflix

10. __S.112__

Are you looking for something more mature? You might be interested in something more mature? Then check out Jeremy Clapin’s animated French drama, about a hand that has been dismembered and the search for its owner. It might seem gruesome. It might sound gruesome. But, the hands are able to navigate from rats-infested subways and to luxurious apartments on high roofs. However, the heart of the movie is the story of love and loss. Naoufel, a dreamer in search of direction believes that the charming Gabrielle could be his North Star. However, romance and life are not always so easy. I Lost My Body has a unique style and sophisticated storytelling. It also features a difficult gimmick that won it over not only critics but Academy Awards voters. In 2020, the film was nominated for an Oscar. Netflix offers a great English-language subtitle overdub for those who have difficulty understanding subtitles.

Watch My Body Has Been Lost on Netflix

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