“The White Lotus” is an entertaining comedy about social media. Violence

The ending of The White Lotus is spoilt by the opening scene. One of its characters will be killed. The body of the deceased character is being transported into the cargo hold on a passenger plane. Onlookers ask a stoic, incooperative man to provide details. For many people at the airport the body represents a brief bit of gossip before they return to their daily lives. But The White Lotus flashes back for one week to infuse that death with an inexorable sense of certainty. Although the resort at White Lotus is where the tragedy occurred, it’s a deceptively utopian place. It is actually a hotel which may add to the list of its amenities, just below the sea views, startling, continuous violence.

Everybody on The White Lotus occupy a place in the social hierarchy. It is intricate and unchangeable like a web, but it’s all theirs. A Hawaiian resort with a high-end, white-dominated clientele serves as the foundation for an incredibly tangled social hierarchy that can lead to social chaos and even bloodshed. However, each person’s place in this hierarchy is more complicated than you might think. They aren’t equal. The newlyweds who have just married don’t get along; the sadistic spinster hides her inherited ability for manipulation. And the perfect, breadwinning Gen X family of the girlboss is nothing but a nightmare. The show’s brilliant writing makes these complications clear. It draws characters using broad stereotypes and then lets small details make them seem grotesquely real.

Everybody on The White Lotus occupies an area in a social hierarchy as complex as a web of spiders and as immutable like a wall.

The White Lotus is a captivating, character-driven whodunnit. Without its stellar cast, none of which would be as clear. Jake Lacy, actor from Girls, Fosse/Verdon, shows the punchier sides of Shawn’s face. His new wife Rachel (Alexandra Daddario), is beginning to question her marriage. Murray Bartlett’s (Looking at Tales of the City), brings a jaw-dropping performance to the hotel manager Armand’s journey, while Jennifer Coolidge (Legally Blonde American Pie) gives a stellar performance as Tanya McQuoid, a fascinatingly vulnerable and dependent solo traveler.

The White Lotus does not offer comedy or mystery where everything is just as it appears. The plot guides its characters to say what they think is the quietest part of themselves. This makes the movie a lot more funny than it sounds. The little lies people make to keep society together, such as that everybody is equal and that money is irrelevant, or that morality is correlated with having “right” opinions, all go out of the window when the stakes get higher. It’s both surprising and hilarious to see people start to exploit each other. You can easily get lost in the chaos and forget that someone will die. Until another clue or red herring appears, it’s easy for you to lose your mind.

The White Lotus is everything you’d expect from a miniseries. From its dramatic opening credits, which are a HBO hit song to accompany the Succession drama; its numerous shots of waves rolling over the camera and nearly drowning it; and its controlled direction. This series will leave half of its audience clenching their jaws and half laughing at the extent of humanity’s decline. This is a hilarious comedy that mocks wealthy people while reminding them that anyone can have power and that it takes only a littlepush.

The White Lotus streaming on HBO Max.

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