This Week on Xbox: July 23rd, 2021


We understand that you are busy, and may miss the excitement of what we have to share on Xbox Wire each week. We can make it happen if you have a little time. The past week’s news has been condensed into one article that is easy to understand for Xbox fans. If you prefer to watch rather than read, check out our weekly video shows. Every Friday, check back to see what’s new on Xbox

Xbox Game Pass Update Hero Image

Xbox Game Pass is Soon Available: Microsoft Flight Simulator and The Ascent
As we have many Xbox Game Pass games, I recommend that you make a clear gaming plan. We’ll be taking to the sky with… Continue reading

Inside Xbox Series X|S Optimized: Sniper Elite 4
S Optimized. They’ve also taken full advantage of the… Continue reading

Ultimate Game Sale

Microsoft Store: Ultimate Games Sale Back
This is the time of year once again. Today through August 5Ultimate Game SaleHot deals are back on selected Xbox and PC games, and accessories You can find everything you need to know about sports, action, and… Continue reading

Knockout City: Season 2 Starts Next Week
Here are the details on the newest dodgeball, Soda Ball. Who’s hungry? All over the city, Dodgebrawlers have learned… Continue reading

Psychonauts 2

We are being played by our minds: Psychonauts 2
We’ll embark on another adventure cerebral with Raz in August 25Psychonauts II,The newest innovative game by legendary game designer Tim Schafer, and Double Fine Productions.Continue reading

Orcs must die as machines and guardians of war devastate armies 3
InOrcs Must Die! 3We have introduced War Scenarios, a new level. These are the basics of what War Scenarios is. Read on to learn more.

Battlefield Portal Hero image

Battlefield Portal allows you to create the Battlefield Experience that suits your needs
Battlefield has an extensive history both in real life and in game. Players have had the opportunity to experience… Continue reading

You can play the odds with Lost in Random. It will be available on Xbox Sept 10
Random is a wicked kingdom based on a fairytale. You can survive by rolling the dice. Random is all about chance. Only the brave can win by knowing how to tip the odds. Read on

GRID Legends

Grid Legends Launch 2022: New Story Modes and Features Revealed
Race fans, get ready to go. We are thrilled to announce that the race fans were first exposed to the public today at EA Play Live.Grid LegendsS… Read more

The MLB The Show21 Summer Circuit Tournament is now open
Show off your Diamond Dynasty team inMLB The Show21The first cross-platform, competitive tournament circuit. Everybody who wins all of their matches on Day One is a winner. Read More

Official Microsoft Flight Sim Accessories

Get ready to take off with these Official Microsoft Flight Sim Accessories
Pilots who are aspiring to fly experienced joy flying with the latest generation.Microsoft Flight Simulator. The 27th of JulyMicrosoft Flight SimulatorWe will open the skies for millions… Continue reading

The Brand Family of Bus Simulator 21 is Revealed
This is my last chance to reveal the brand’s entire family, including the licensed buses models you can drive.Simulator 21This is the. Prepare for the September 7th, 2021… Continue reading

Frostpunk: Console Edition

Frostpunk’s Visual Identity Has Changed: The Last Autumn and On the Edge as well as The Rifts
FrostpunkThree expansions will be available for ‘City-Building Survival Sim,’ which 11bit studios released today (July 21), on Xbox Store. We set up two expansions when we were thinking about more content. Read on

Cobra Kai Free Play Days: Battlefield 1 and Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 continue the Karate Kid Saga. Official Video Game
You can sweep the leg or fight in the Great War.Cobra Kai: Karate Kid Saga continues,Battlefield 1AndOlympic Games Tokyo 2020-The Official Video GameAre… Continue reading

Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Co-op Survival Shoter Aliens Hive Hunting: Fireteam Elite
As a child, I was able to watch R-rated horror and sci-fi movies in my home. As you probably know, there were a few iconic films from the 1980s that weren’t suitable for children. Read on

The Largest Update of Paladins to Date: Gen.Lock, 50th Champion and Other Arrives
LatestPaladinsUpdate brings a lot of content to players, including the first crossover with the hit Rooster Teeth show, “Gen:Lock!”

Cris Tales

S with Xbox Game Pass
Long wait for highly-anticipated time-traveling RPGCris TalesIt is now over. We reflect on the seven-year journey of this ambitious project.

Expedition Launched July 28th by Path of Exile
How to kill the undead? You can check. How can you control your reward and risk? You can check. Are there any new merchants you would like to do business with? You can check. Are there new ways you can build character? Take a look at.Exile Path: ExpeditionContinue reading

Death's Door Hero Image

The Weirdest and Most Wonderful Death’s Door Characters
A few months back we unveiledDeath’s DoorS — our dark and quirky action-adventure about a sword-wielding crow tasked… Read more

With Farming Simulator 22, you can enjoy the good times!
Salute, farmers (soon to be)! What?Farming Simulator 22S, you’ll build and shape the farm of your dreams. You might… Read more

Next Week on Xbox Hero Image

Next week on Xbox: July 26-30
Next Week on Xbox: Welcome! S, Xbox One, and Windows PC as well as upcoming Xbox Game Pass and soon-to-be… Read more

TennoCon 2021: Warframe’s Story-Based Content Expansion This Year
TennoCon 2021 was a virtual event. We thank everyone for making this a great Warframe-related event with live reveals, premium item rewards and fun Warframe gameplay. Continue reading

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