Update for League of Legends: Sona has been added to the PBE

Riot Games, a League of Legends developer, announced that Sona, the Maven of the Strings support champion, was going to get a “midscope” shortly. The studio wanted it to be available with League of Legends patch 11.16. We now have a better idea about what the champ will be getting.

This is not a complete champion rework. Instead, it’s meant to replace Sona’s unsatisfying “mana refund” mechanic with one that Sona players will enjoy more. However, mains should still take a closer look at some important changes. Surrenderat20 has posted the latest changes to Sona’s patch. The biggest is an ability haste component that Accelerando will have in her passive Power Chord. She’ll be able to gain a lot of ability haste by “using her basics well”.

Sona will see her cooldown decrease when this reaches 120 stacks or 60 basic ability havete. According to the current changes, this will take 1.5 seconds. However, these could change a bit before the patch drops in a few weeks.

The change will give Sona a better understanding of her role as support, but also make it easier for Sona to be a solo player and more fun to play. This is similar in style with Riot’s dev job. According to the studio, a positive motivation rather than a punishing one will result in a more pleasurable experience. She won’t be unable to cast future spells.

You can also see changes in her abilities. For a quick comparison, you can use the embedded above. Or head over to League of Legends patch 11.16 notes to get the complete rundown of the new features that will be available.

Publited Fri, 23 July 2021 at 10:45:51 PM +0000

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