We've been doing it

We’ve been doing it

We've been doing it

23rd July 2021

Good morning! We are back with our usual feature, where we share some thoughts about the games that we have been playing in the past few days. Space marines, infinite runners and a truly next-gen title are the topics this time.

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Spaceland iOS

A new XCOM for iOS was unveiled this week. Although it wasn’t the XCOM that you might have expected, I have been hovering above the purchase button for the mobile version of XCOM Enemy Within. This is my favorite game in the series and a tactical joy unlike any other.

Spaceland is an Apple Arcade title that I have been enjoying, although I didn’t get to play at the release. It turns out, however, to be quite a lot fun. Spaceland lets you lead a group of soldiers in different outfits through a variety of turn-based tactical missions. Spaceland does not use the XCOM two-actions system, but it is still a beautiful game. It’s perfectly designed for a small screen with touch controls.

I have found that my favorite mission is going in to alien nests, blowing out the holes from them by setting oil drums on fire and then activating their explosions. Although it’s simple, I still have a lot fun doing this. As I hover over Enemy Within I am unsure whether I will unleash the compulsion on iPhone.

Chris Donlan

Canabalt (iOS)

This week, I was thinking about “104”. This number was, I believe, what you used to score in Canabalt. If you didn’t make one leap connect, it was your score. It could have been 94. It doesn’t matter. Canabalt scores your luck based on how far you have run. Neither of these numbers is good.

Then I checked to make sure Canabalt was still available for iOS. Some part of me would be dead if it weren’t. It is. It’s as fun as ever. As you speed through the city, aliens are all around. It is chaotic and dramatic. You’ll find a Hunt of Impossible Mission for the gracefully running man, and lots of John Woo for the doves who take to the skies as you race past them, jumping from roof to roof.

After a couple of attempts, I was back inside. The little things are what made me smile the most. These doves look great, but what about how your footfalls change as you go from a roof to the bars of a crane’s construction beam? It’s so concentrated that it can really get into the finer details. You will find the game just as enjoyable and fun to revisit.

Chris Donlan

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, PS5

This was a wonderful experience. Although I don’t think I have ever spent much time in Insomniacs’ signature series, I do remember becoming a huge fan through Spider-Man and Sunset Overdrive. Rift Apart was a game that kids will enjoy, so I had low expectations. I have seen them be blown away each time by Rift Apart, a truly next-gen game.

Visuals are a big part of it all – and I believe I now understand the raytracing concept. But more importantly, there’s the sheer detail here, from the dialogue of gorgeously rendered NPCs to side missions or incidental dialog to DualSense’s feedback that allows you to distinguish each weapon in your hands. We’re going to be a lot of fun in the next few years if this is next-generation gaming.

Martin Robinson

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