Android phone users are warned of a new danger to their devices These links are not to be clicked on.

The problem with these link-shortening services is their use of aggressive advertising methods such as scareware advertisements. They inform users that their device has been infected by malware and direct them to download the app.

ESET stated that URL shorteners could pose different risks depending on the device you use.

iOS users might be bombarded with unsolicited ads, and their calendars could become cluttered with spam events and tricks to get them to click dangerous links.

While Android users could be prompted to download a malicious APK app which loads what ESET has dubbed the Android/FakeAdBlocker malware.

It downloads and executes paymentloads like banking trojans, SMS trojans, and aggressive malware to Android devices.

Publited Sat, 24 July 2021 at 06:24.43 +0000

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