Avengers Endgame Theory: There are many ways to win, but Doctor Strange was aware that TVA would prune

Doctor Strange used his Time Stone in Avengers Infinity War to see all possible outcomes for the conflict with Thanos. They succeeded in finding that only one was possible, Avengers Endgame. The wizard traded Iron Man’s Life for the Time Stone to enable Tony Stark to die in five years after the death of both Thanos and Hulk.

A popular fan theory now suggests that there are many ways to win beyond the Endgame. Doctor Strange, however was worried that the TVA might show up and trim the timeline.

Reddit user, chejordanxxxx, wrote: Doctor Strange said that there are 14,000 605 timelines that have been seen with the Time Stone.

There is only one way to win. There are many ways Thanos can be defeated, but that’s fair.

Doctor Strange wasn’t lying, but this alternative scenario will not happen (spoiler alert Loki) because TVA keeps resetting and pruning those timelines.

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The two continued their comments by adding: “He claimed he had seen 14,000,000 realities, and of these 14 million there was one they were able to win in.

It doesn’t negate the possibility of other possible realities they could have won in. Strange took 14 million attempts to locate the first.

This could also include the reality where Strange lives, however this is speculation on my part. Strange didn’t realize there were more chances for them to win, as he was dead before he knew the result.

Disney+ is showing Avengers Endgame.


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