Dead Space will be remade with cut content taken from the original

Dead Space will be remade with cut content taken from the original Game

There have been rumors for some time about a remake of Dead Space 1, but they were confirmed last week at EA Play Live when the remake was announced for PC and next generation consoles. Motive Studios is now rumored to be adding new content, as well as updating Dead Space 1.

Roman Campos Oriola, the creative director of Dead Space, spoke to IGN about the process the team was using and what assets they were able access. They explain how they discovered Dead Space content, which was not part of the original design. Motive can now add it to the remake.

Campos Oriola explained that we started with the initial level design for the original Dead Space. It’s interesting to see the various iterations made by the team before ship. You can see corridors they desired to use first, then understand why it was changed due to technical constraints.

Motive will be using lore from Dead Space 2/3, and animated films. Campos Oriola states that there are “some improvements to the story” and that they don’t necessarily seek to improve on the things that didn’t work in the original. “We’re also interested in referencing Dead Space 2 or 3 to see if that could be a reference, or making a link to it.” They’re also considering adding Zero-gravity gameplay segments to Dead Space 2.

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The best part is that the team will not be adding microtransactions or repeating Dead Space 3’s most famous mistake. The downside to all of this is that Dead Space seems far away. The teaser trailer did not include an estimated year, so it is possible that we won’t see Dead Space until 2022. To keep yourself busy, take a look at some top horror games for PC.

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