Ending spoilers: A few clever viewers deciphered the codegram in the trailer several weeks ago

Warning: Spoilers for OLD THE MOVIEM Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller had a bunch of holiday-makers caught on the beach, where they started to age quickly. The only way out came at the end, however.

Only Trent and Maddox, who were now in their forties and still living after the deaths of the adults in the dark night, survived.

Trent realized that he had still a cryptogram left by the child Idlib in the hotel for him to decipher.

The message was quickly understood by him as: “My uncle does not like coral.”

The siblings realized that Shyamalan’s driver must have been Idlib, who was filming and watching them from the cliff.

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Mike said, “But if so, if you don’t know the answer to your question, then watch any uncle wearing OLD. Especially if he is near coral.”

Two months ago, TaylorDangerTorres posted on Reddit: “Best guess is My Uncle Doesn’t Like the Coral (the movie appears to be set on a beach). But that just doesn’t make sense lol.”

They were just as right as Mike. However, it is understandable that the message seems a bit odd without context.

In cinemas, Old is now available.

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