Ghost Recon celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a Tomb Raider Breakpoint – Crossover


Ghost Recon celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a Tomb Raider
Breakpoint - Crossover

Ubisoft revealed everything it was adding to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint this year to mark the 20th anniversary. This includes a new Operation called Motherland that features Wildlands’ Karen Bowman returning and also a cross-over with Square Enix’s Tomb Raider series.

In February 2018, it was revealed that Ghost Recon: Breakpoint would receive updates throughout 2021. This despite the fact that Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is a few years old, and having received a very poor response to its launch in 2018. It looks like 20th anniversary celebrations will take place after the May Teammate Experience update.

Although it was mentioned briefly in the April roadmap that Breakpoint would get a surprise Tomb Raider crossover. This “treasure hunt”, however, now bears an adventure-y title: “Relics of the Ancients”. It also confirms that the game will be released this year as part of the celebrations marking the 20th anniversary. It’s not known when, where, and if Lara Croft will be appearing.

Operation Motherland is the other big reveal. It’s the next major live event following January’s Operation Amber Sky, which saw Ghost Recon Breakpoint cross over with Rainbow Six Siege. It appears that it will feature Karen Bowman, the handler – she was last seen speaking with Sam Fisher regarding Solid Snake.

Ubisoft will host contests and giveaways in addition to Breakpoint’s two new features. They also have showcases and a stream dedicated to introducing Operation Motherland. Unfortunately, there is no date for this stuff. It may be available before the launch of Tom Clancy’s new shooter XDefiant. This beta will take place in August.

Lara Croft hasn’t got a game, but she is available to be seen on Netflix and in an upcoming fan-remake of Angel of Darkness. This series was almost as hated as Breakpoint.

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