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“Her secret weapon”: Queen Elizabeth employs ‘interesting’ Treat jet lag like a treat

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"Her secret weapon": Queen Elizabeth employs 'interesting'
Treat jet lag like a treat

As Monarch, Queen Elizabeth spent much of her time traveling around the globe representing the UK. She is therefore no stranger to all the usual responsibilities of international travel including jetlag.

Her Majesty has a wealth of experience from being a global jetsetter and is believed to have formulated a few ways to improve the experience.

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Experts say that she is the “secret weapon” to preventing jet lag.

According to some reports, Queen Elizabeth loves barley sugar and eats hard-boiled sweets.

These traditional sweets from candy shops are believed to be the Monarch’s favorite for helping him adjust to time zones.

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He likened the Queen’s advice to the adjustment of meal times to suit the destination that a traveller is visiting.

This could help to ensure that your bedtime is in sync with the time zone.

Knight said that it was important to keep your body’s clock in sync with the new place by adjusting your habits, such as eating and sleeping according to your destination’s time zones – on-board and at arrival.

The Queen Elizabeth is not the only one who ensures comfort when she travels.

As part of Channel 5’s documentary, Laurie stated: “Do they know, they used love it?”

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It’s a refreshing change to all the fancy food that comes first-class!

According to legend, the Monarch requests Malvern water whenever she travels.

Dickie Arbiter, a former royal spokesperson revealed that Malvern Water is the only thing she wants wherever she is.

She likes Malvern water. It’s refreshing, and she usually takes lots with her.

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