iPad Mini could finally receive speedy design and design improvements Apple lovers have been eagerly awaiting the release of this new product

It’s been a long time since the iPad Mini was upgraded and now it looks like a big refresh is on its way. The iPad Mini is a hugely loved tablet. A new look and faster processor are possible. There will also be improved accessories. According to 9to5mac, sources tell them the Mini will be getting a complete reboot. It’s only a matter of time, as Apple has not refreshed its small tablet in 2019!

The biggest improvement could come from a new design that will make the Mini look more like the iPad Air. This could lead to the iPad Air’s screen being pushed further towards the edge, which will eliminate the bulky forehead and chin that are present on the current range.

Apple could easily copy the iPad Air, embed the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the top-mounted power switch, and leave no room under the screen to house the Touch ID fingerprint scan. The Mini may be even faster thanks to the new edge-to–edge screen. This is all due to the new A15 chip, which has been rumoured to be added to this tablet.

These new brains are hidden under the hood and users will see huge improvements in performance as well as better AI capabilities.

These new features are sure to get you excited. 9to5mac suggests that the Mini will feature Apple’s Smart Connector.

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The technology allows accessories and the device to interact easily with each other. It could also mean that the US tech company will launch a new keyboard for the tablet to transform it into a laptop.

We might get an even smaller version of Apple’s Magic Keyboard, who knows?

Rumours have it that the Mini will get rid of its Lightning port at the bottom and instead switch to USB C.

This charging method is now used on all Apple tablets including iPad Air and iPad Pro. It makes perfect sense that the Mini will follow suit.

These are rumours, but Apple seems to be holding events this autumn. The Mini might launch with new iPhones or the next-generation MacBook Pros.

Already, the company has released a few Macs equipped with M1 chips and it is rumored that soon a 16 inch Pro will be available with an M2 chip.

Apple lovers have exciting months ahead so keep an eye out.

Publited Sat, 24 July 2021 at 12:16:16 +0000

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