New World: EVGA claims it will take over all RTXs that have failed 3090


New World: EVGA claims it will take over all RTXs that have failed

EVGA announced that it would replace any failed RTX 3090s after issues relating Amazon’s MMO New World.

“Yes, all 3090s that failed are being replaced,” EVGA stated to PC Gamer.

Amazon’s New World has been a huge hit on Steam. It currently boasts a maximum of more than 190,000. New World was being played by 132,246 Steam users at the time this article was published.

New World is still plagued by reports that the company bricks expensive RTX3090s graphics cards.

The reports gained enough momentum that Amazon Games released a statement addressing the issue. It stated it received “few” reports from players who had experienced hardware failure while playing New World with high-performance graphic cards.

“New World uses standard DirectX calls provided by Windows API. The statement said that we have not seen widespread problems with the 3090s in beta testing or over the many months of our alpha testing.”

The New World beta closed is now available for play.

Amazon Games still patched New World, limiting frames per second to its menu screen in order “to further reassure players.”

PC Gamer points to Jason Langevin, JayzTwoCents host, saying that EVGA has begun cross-shipping RMA (return merchandise authorization) products to GPUs who have failed due the New World beta. This means that EVGA will ship replacement cards as soon as the defective one is returned.

PC Gamer reports that there’s now a New World category where customers can give reasons for their return.

Publited Sat, 24 July 2021 at 17:28.38 (+0000).


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