Olympic timeline by Simone Biles: Record, medals and more Learn more about U.S. star-gymnasts


Olympic timeline by Simone Biles: Record, medals and more
Learn more about U.S. star-gymnasts

Simone Biles will be competing at her second Olympics in Tokyo 2021 Games. She has established herself as one of the most outstanding gymnasts of all time.

It wasn’t easy, however. She was not sure how far she would go in the sport during the 2013 season.

Biles was a junior member of the U.S. national team and had been there in 2012 and 2011. She got called up in 2013 to compete with them. She had some solid performances in the American Cup 2013 and at the City of Jesolo Trophy 2012, but was not called up to the top of the U.S. Classic. After falling several times, and twisting her ankle, Biles fell again.

Biles decided to consult a psychologist in order to deal with the mental strains that come from competing.

Nellie Biles, Nellie’s adoptive mother explained to Glamour that she was competing with girls who had been her heroes and idols. It was difficult for her to adapt to this. Simone thought she wasn’t good enough to match them. She was capable, I knew that. She had to believe that.”

It all clicked from there. Biles won her first all-around title in Antwerp’s 2013 World Championships. She would continue her dominating run from there. Since 2013, she has not lost any all-around competition and her career has been full of success and accolades, even after a post-Olympics break from competition.

Biles is a legend. She has won medals, Olympic wins and records. She will continue to be a part of the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team at the 2021 Olympics.

She is already one of the greatest gymnasts ever. Her goal is to continue her legacy in Tokyo and write new records.

What are the medals Simone Biles has won?

Biles won 35 medals total during her career, including 27 golds and 4 silvers. Five of those 35 medals were won at Rio’s 2016 Olympic Games. One of the five gold medals she won was a bronze one.

Below is a complete breakdown of all Olympic medals won by Biles to this point:

Jahr Event Medaille
2016 The Team Gold
2016 All-round Gold
2016 Vault Gold
2016 Floor exercise Gold
2016 Balance beam Bronze

Biles won 19 World Gymnastics Championships goal medals, in addition to her impressive performance at her Olympic debut. In her five previous appearances at the competition, she has been awarded gold in all-around. Since 2013, she has not lost any all-around competitions.

Simone Biles’ gymnastics records

Biles’ career in gymnastics has seen her set many records. These are the top ones.

  • Biles was victorious in the final of the all-around title at the 2019 World Championships with a margin exceeding 5%2.1%. This is the largest margin of victory ever in an all-around women’s final.
  • HerFive medalsAt the Rio Olympics 2016, four gold and one bronze medals were won by female gymnasts, setting a USA record.
  • Biles holds the record for most career medals in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.25 medals. You can find it here19 Gold medalsAndFive individual all-around titlesAlso, this is the highest ranking competition in history.
  • Her win was a prestigious oneFive gold medalsOnly at the 2019 World Championships. Biles broke Boris Shakhlin and Larisa Latynina’s records with this mark.
  • Biles won numerous records during her career.Seven U.S. Gymnastics Championships Gymnastics ChampionshipsShe won all seven titles since 2013. Since 2013, she has won every title except one, when she was absent during 2017.

Biles has a chance at the 2021 Olympics to break or tie more records.

  • Biles already has four gold medals. Biles has four gold medals, the most any American woman has ever won at an Olympics.Swimmer Jenny Thompson (8).While the record for international women’s records is held by former Sovietsgymnast Larisa Latynina (nine). Biles and Katie Ledecky, a swimmer with five gold medals each, will also be trying to break those records.
  • Biles might winFive gold medalsAt the 2021 Olympic Games. She could set an Olympic record of gold medals won by American women in one Olympics.
  • Biles may be the first woman ever to have back-to-back all around titles, since Vera Caslavska in Czech gymnastics achieved the feat in 1964/68. It would be a great honor.The third most influential woman in historyTo accomplish this feat, join Caslavska or Latynina.

Simone Biles is the name of a number of gymnastics moves

Biles is a gymnast who has achieved moves no one else has ever been able too in her long career. It is due to her athletic abilities and her petite stature of 4-8. Biles was a gymnast who excelled at these moves and has been named in the gymnastics code of points several of her moves.

The other isBiles vault 6.4. This title is based on the difficulty of vaulting, which has been rated at a 6.4. That’s the most difficult difficulty in the code of points for gymnastics.

A move she also invented is simply called theBilesThis is the dismount from the balance beam. It involves landing two flips and then going into a dismount with two twists.

This skill is rated H. Gymnastics skills are more challenging the further you go into the alphabet. This shows how hard it can be to perform a dismount.

Biles is a floor performer with two moves named after her. Biles won theBilesDuring the 2013 World Championships. This move features a double layout and a half-turn. Although it had been successfully landed in the country by London Phillips, it was called Biles’ because she won a major competition.

Biles’ most recent and most recognizable skill, theBiles IIShe won the competition at U.S. Gymnastics Championships 2019. Gymnastics Championships. This skill has a J rating. It involves performing a triple twisting double-back.

Biles will have to be able to perform these skills at the Olympics. It will make it difficult for other competitors.

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