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Shopify teaches you how to start and grow your side hustle business.

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Shopify is revolutionizing e-commerce. It makes it easy to set up an online shop. Shopify lets you create an online shop and manage all aspects of your online business from one place. Shopify’s average store sells for $87 per customer. This proves its viability to just about anyone, and not only the top 10% of sellers.

You can purchase The Shopify Complete Store Creation Bundle if you are thinking of opening an online shop or diversifying your offerings. It’s valued at $1400 and available now for only $24.99.

The seven-course package includes almost 50 hours of Shopify training and experts such as Bryan Guerra (4.3/5 rating), Yassin Marco (4.25 rating), Jono Farrington (4.1/5 Rating) and Bryan Guerra (3.2.5 rating).

This comprehensive bundle provides an overview of Shopify as well as a general introduction to eCommerce. Learn how to create a Shopify shop from scratch, how to make your store more appealing and how to add various elements. To further your eCommerce goals, you’ll learn to use Amazon FBA and WooCommerce as well as Alibaba.

You’ll then be able to explore more complex Shopify topics, such as understanding the technical requirements of automating your online shop. Learn how to find high-profit products for dropshipping on Aliexpress, what product descriptions are best, how Mailchimp creates highly-converting subscription landing pages, color branding and more. A Shopify SEO course is also available to improve your Google rankings, traffic and sales. It even includes a guide to how to open and scale Shopify’s clothing stores.

Shopify is the best eCommerce platform to start making money. For a short time, the Complete Shopify Store Creation Course Bundle on Sale for $29.99

Prices subject to change.

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