These are the best beaches of Argentina

Argentina’s beauty, intensity, and defiance is a great place to visit.

There are almost 5000kms of coastline in Argentina. Although it’s not as well-known for its warm, clear waters and golden sand beaches, there are still some hidden gems. This is our selection of top beaches you should visit while in Argentina.

Playa Arazaty, Corrientas

The best beach for water-based sports

The best Corrientas river beach is located south of Resistencia bridge. Playa Arazaty is well-known for its fishing spots and jet skiers. It has boat ramps and lifeguards.

The beach has bathrooms and umbrellas. However, it is safe to swim until the beach opens. Currents can be dangerous. Each season, terraforming takes place to improve the safety of bathing. Visitors who wish to explore the beautiful streets and traditional crafts of Corrientos can find elegant, balconied buildings that date back to the beginning of the 20th Century.

Playa Union, Trelew

Best beach for dolphin-spotting

Playa Union, the region’s main playground is located in Trelew. This stretch of beach has dramatic waves and attracts surfers as well as windsurfers. There are blocks of homes with summer kitchens and restaurants that serve fresh Rabas (calamari) and there are plenty of bars, shops and cafes in the area.

There are many sports that can be played on the beaches, including soccer and volleyball. However, temperatures may exceed 30°C in summer. From April through December, the Toninas (Commerson’s Dolphins), which can be seen swimming near the beach are the main attraction. This species is endemic in Patagonia.

A dolphin jumping out of the sea at Playa Union in Argentina
Playa Union’s Dolphins of Commerson are a popular attraction (c) Kevin Zaouali / EyeEm

Balneario La Florida, Rosario

The best beach for families

Balneario La Florida, Rosario’s most popular beach has many services and is supervised by lifeguards. The beach has a few bars and restaurants, as well as a mini-market. Teens will love the wi-fi, which is available for free.

Bathrooms for persons with disabilities, change rooms, and a first-aid room are just a few of the amenities available. The beach can be visited by people for free if they don’t have peak season. The beach has a lot of parking, and it is well-served with public transportation and bike racks.

Playa Bristol, Mar del Plata

The best beach to watch people-watch

The sandy Playa Bristol, Argentina’s most famous beach, was a favorite among wealthy Buenos Aires families during the 1900s. It is a lively resort that will attract thousands of tourists each day during high season.

The beach is located close to San Martin Square and the business centre. It has a promenade with paved walkways and curves around the bay. While the area nearest to the ocean is open for public use, other areas can be rented privately. There are several attractions at the beach, including a playground for children, a plaza with sculptures and statuary, as well as countless places to people-watch.

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Playa Bristol, Mar del Plata, is a very popular beach. (c) Diego Giudice/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Playa Catrirte, San Martin de los Andes

The best beach in the world

Playa Catrirte, a protected rock beach located 4km away from San Martin de los Andes. The beach is ideal for families with children, as it offers a place where they can splash around in the sea. It can be reached by car, bus or bicycle. However, most visitors prefer to walk to the beach from downtown. This allows you to see beautiful scenery.

There is a relaxed restaurant on the beach with a deck and two campsites. You will find it just outside Parque Nacional Lanin, on the shores Lake Lacar. TIP: You should bring chairs, as there is some sand mixed with small pebbles.

Playa Mar de Ajo, Buenos Aires

Playa Mar de Ajo can be found in the popular tourist spot of Buenos Aires at the top. The wind-generated swell makes it a great place to surf, swim, kite-surf and bodysurf. Mar de Ajo was originally a fishing village in the 19th century. Today, it is a tourist destination with street performers, restaurants and gaming arcades.

You can either bring your own chairs and umbrellas to the beach, or you may rent tents. You can get an idea of the local culture by watching the Tejo beach game on the sand.


Playa Escondida, Mar del Plata

The best beach for naturists

Playa Escondida is a 25 km south-east of Mar del Plata that claims to be Argentina’s only nude beach. The name means “hidden Beach” in Spanish and was declared a nudist beach by the government in 2001. However, clothes are allowed.

Playa Escondida, a tiny beach that is nestled between dunes and rocks, has a wide variety of bird and plant species. The beach resort offers parking, restaurant facilities, lifeguards as well as a beach bar and a swimming pool. There are also massages, loungers for rent, gazebos and umbrellas available. Visitors are expected to observe certain rules.

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