TripAdvisor raves about Liverpool’s Quirky Quarter Reviews

Paul Rose, Quirky Quarter spokesperson teased that “Being such an innovative business and opening only six weeks prior to the first lockdown meant we had to make ourselves known first.”

We have many new ideas we are excited to share. This space is designed to allow for the quick refresh of a particular area without causing too much disruption to overall experience.

This is the first such project in Liverpool.

TripAdvisor user: “We happened upon the attractive window display while walking down Duke Street. It was too tempting to just walk by, so we stopped and were so happy that we did.

“About one hour later, we emerged with huge smiles because of all the unexpected gems within – it really stimulates your brain and makes you see things differently.”

An additional comment was added: “Interactive, interactive experience with many to do. It isn’t all what it appears, but there are plenty of activities and space.

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