What time can I fly to Australia? The latest news about Australia travel Plans


What time can I fly to Australia? The latest news about Australia travel

The Government has announced that double-vaccinated Brits can return to the UK from countries on the amber list without being quarantined starting in August. This is slowly encouraging UK citizens to resume their travels. Since May 19, the rules surrounding travel were relaxed as the Government opened international travel for all under step 3 of its road map.

What time can you fly to Australia?

As Australia is considered safe and allows you to travel from the UK, it is possible to visit Australia. However, Australia won’t allow anyone into its country.

Australia has not opened its doors to international tourism, and it is sticking with the rules that allow only necessary travel.

Technically, this means only returning permanent residents or their immediate families along with essential workers can enter and exit the country.

However, even that is difficult to do in real life.

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More than 34,000 Australians currently are stranded overseas, and they cannot book a flight home or stay in quarantine hotels.

Since March 28, 2020 when the country launched its zero-Covid campaign, this policy has been in place.

The golden question of when people can travel remains a mystery. Nobody has an answer.

Based on current statistics, only over 11% of Australians are currently fully vaccinated. This means that they still have a long way to go before being able to catch up with the global leaders in vaccination.

Many predict that the Australian border won’t be reopened until 2022.

Simon Birmingham, the country’s financial minister, stated in May 2021: “Australians won’t see borders opened at the beginning of next year.”

Birmingham mentioned “uncertainties not only in the pace of vaccine rollout but also in its effectiveness against different Covid variants, its duration and effectiveness.”

Australia attempted to open tourism to some countries with the establishment of a travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand in April 2021.


The bubble burst with rising infections rates in Australia, and Australia continues to struggle with several states under lockdown.

Chris Hipkins, New Zealand’s COVID-19 Response Minister, stated: “Given both the high transmissibility of Delta variant and the multiple clusters of community members, it makes sense to exclude COVID-19 from New Zealand.”

Jacinda Arden, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, stated that the decision was taken with care. However with multiple outbreaks occurring in different stages of containment and three Australian countries in lockdown as well as “an increasing health risk for New Zealanders due to these cases”, it was not an easy one.

New South Wales, Australia – Hope to Major City Sydney. 136 cases of Covid were reported locally in 24 hours.

Victoria, Victoria’s home, reported 14 cases during the same time period, and South Australia one.

As part of a slow vaccine rollout, almost half of Australia’s 13 million inhabitants are currently under lockdown.

Qantas Australia and Air New Zealand announced that most Australia-New Zealand flights would cease on July 31st. They would however maintain some essential services and freight flights.

According to Cirium data, the scheduled air capacity between Australia, New Zealand and Australia this month stands at 44 percent. This is well below initial projections of over 70 percent.

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