Wright and Van den Bergh will meet in the Matchplay final

Dimitri Van den Bergh will defend World Matchplay title against Peter Wright, after Michael van Gerwen’s ruthless Snakebite beat; live coverage of the contest for The Phil Taylor Trophy on Sky Sports Arena at 8:30pm Sunday

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Peter Wright did his best to beat Michael van Gerwen. (Image by Lawrence Lustig/PDC).

Peter Wright, the dominant player in World Matchplay, defeated Michael van Gerwen. Former housemates will be competing after Dimitri Van den Bergh won from behind to defeat Krzysztof Rajski.

Van den Bergh was unable to travel due to lockdown. Snakebite hosted Van den Bergh and won four legs in 45 darts. He then turned on his style and won with the highest World Matchplay semi-final average.

Van den Bergh had won 15 out of 18 legs earlier in the evening, which included a streak of 8 legs starting at 6-2. He will be returning to Sunday’s final to try to win the Matchplay title for the fourth time after Rod Harrington and Phil Taylor.

Van Gerwen defeated by Sublime Wright in thriller

Sky Sports 0:45
Peter Wright produces one of the greatest performances in World Matchplay history to book his place in Sunday’s showpiece

Peter Wright puts on one of the best performances in World Matchplay History to secure his spot in Sunday’s final.

Michael van Gerwen was unable to answer the brilliance displayed by Peter Wright. Snakebite posted a remarkable 110.66 average, to bring down his legendary foe 17-10. This performance is undoubtedly the best of the tournament.

Wright was a beast in the blocks. He pinned double 18, for an 11-dartbreak for 3-1, while averaged around the 112 mark. Then he took out 121 on double 18, for a 12-darter and a three-leg cushion.

Snakebite had pinned 16 doubles to remove 74, and moved three legs clear. Snakebite then teased a nine-darter, with six perfect darts, only to lose the leg to Van Gerwen’s ruthless finish of 81. Van Gerwen then match that checkout, moving within one.

Peter Wright vs Michael van Gerwen

Wright 17-10 Van Gerwen
43 More than 100 32
24 140+ 18
12 180 6.
16/36 Double attempts 10/21
3. More than 100 finishes 1
110.66 Average 101.34

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Wright’s remarkable 149 checkout

Wright’s amazing 149 checkout

With three missed double 16s, the Dutchman ended up tying it. Wright instead pin double three to give him a break and a lead of 6-4.

Wright then proceeded with one of the most destructive Matchplay sessions ever. He reeled off a 13-darter, followed by a flawless nine-dart leg. Then he added back-to-back 11 darters for 10-4 and averaging 113.74. Van Gerwen salvaged some hope with 10-5, thanks to five contradictory misses at double 16, after having missed bullseye for a 164 by one whisker.

The Green Machine won the next session. They had 127 to go for 10-6 and an average of 105 to close the gap. The Green Machine moved within 10-8 before supplying a pair on 72, which allowed them to break the 11-9 mark.

It was an amazing game. Michael was the most skilled player I’ve ever seen. It was a great game. It would have been great to see it live.

Peter Wright looks back at his victory over MVG

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Peter Wright misses double 12 for a nine-darter

Peter Wright missed double 12, for a nine-darter

Snakebite appeared to be tinkering with his darts. However, it didn’t slow him down. He sent an incredible 149 before sending 80 tops. Then he delivered 121 to the bullseye.

Wright was unaffected, coasting to 16-10 before finally scoring a stunning 74 checkout that confirmed his spot in the final. This prompted an emotional reaction from Wright’s fans.

World Matchplay 2021: Results from Saturday’s semifinal

Dimitri Van den Bergh 17-9 Krzysztof Ratajski
Peter Wright 17-10 Michael van Gerwen
First to 17 Legs

Van den Bergh rises from the hinter to overthrow Ratajski

Sky Sports 1:14
Check out Dimitri Van den Bergh’s 100+ finishes as he reaches the World Matchplay Final to defend his title

Take a look at Dimitri Van den Bergh’s more than 100+ finish as he advances to the World Matchplay Final to defend and defend his title

Dimitri Van den Bergh, the reigning World Matchplay champion, had to work hard to make it to his second consecutive World Matchplay final. He came down from 6-2 to win eight legs in succession before overcoming a fightback and beating Krzysztof Ratajski 17-9.

Although Ratajski was not to blame for his scoring, Van den Bergh’s collapse in finishing during ascendency gave him cause to be discouraged. His 45 percent record on doubles eventually set Van den Bergh apart.

A slut Ratajski was a great start to his maiden major semifinal. He punished Van den Bergh on 72, and then reeled off an 11-darter with a 92 checkout. This gave him a 3-0 lead. After a remarkable 136, the Dreammaker was able to get off the ground with a finish of 74 on double 16 and Ratajski delivering a 13-darter at 4-1.

As Van den Bergh won his second leg, the Polish Eagle built his momentum by producing a 2-dart combination. He then broke on to throw another break with a 94 checkout and averaged upwards of 101 against his opponent’s.

Sky Sports 0:43
The reigning World Matchplay champion Dimitri Van den Bergh is through to the final!

Dimitri Van den Bergh, the reigning World Matchplay Champion is now through to the final

Dimitri Van den Bergh vs Krzysztof Ratajski

Van den Bergh 17-9 Ratajski
25 More than 100 41
20 140+ 12
8. 180 5.
17.37 Double attempts 9/37
110, 112, 128 More than 100 finishes
98.51 Average 96.56

Ratajski began to show nerves after he failed his double, giving Van den Bergh a chance to break the tie and move to 6-3. Van den Bergh was able to make it 6-3 moments later thanks to double five, to bring the Belgian back into the match.

This was a significant moment in the game. Van den Bergh won the seven remaining legs, following Ratajski’s missed tops. He then took three more leads at double five at 7-6. Then he went three clear at double 16, securing a 128 finish. After that Van den Bergh accepted an open goal for 50 checkout.

Van den Bergh was losing, as he moved to 10-6. But Ratajski came back to win it at 10-7. He scored 16 misses darts and punished Van den Bergh for his three double-12 errors. Then, he dispatched 70 to get within one.

Van den Bergh was able to secure 11-9 with a 110 checkout, and double eight at 12-9 following another Ratajski slip-up, double 16 at 13-9, and double 15 at 14-9 thanks to a 112 result. Van den Bergh missed six darts before firing his seventh, 15-9. He then won the game on double 10, and continued on Sunday with victory on double 5.

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