Aaron addresses Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs Superstar Patrick Mahomes Rodgers’ Situation

Aaron Rodgers is the face of Green Bay Packers and reigning NFL MVP. He has announced that he won’t be playing for the team.

What does Patrick Mahomes (the 2019 NFL MVP) think about the situation in Green Bay as the Kansas City Chiefs’ franchise face?

Although I can’t speak on behalf of Aaron or the Packers, the most important thing to remember when looking at it from an outsider’s perspective is that communication is key. Mahomes stated that it’s about respecting one another. “Aaron worked for that company for a while, but they eventually lost the communication element. I believe that is where the disconnect occurred.”

Mahomes was a Super Bowl winner quarterback and had a unique viewpoint. The rift between Rodgers and Packers is reportedly rooted in when Rodgers traded up for quarterback Jordan Love, despite NFC North champions needing other offense players.

The Chiefs traded for Mahomes to draft in 2017’s first round, even though they just won the AFC West.

Reid was an assistant Packers coach between 1992 and 1998. He echoed Mahomes’ point that communication is the most important aspect — regardless of whether it was between Mahomes in Kansas City, the Chiefs or Smith, Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Reid stated, “All those men, we try and keep everything open.” Reid said, “I have no idea what happened there but I know that the things we can control are here.” “We try to communicate as much as possible.”

The Packers offered Rodgers a $134 million four-year extension to help things go smoothly.He was also offered a two-year extension that would have allowed him to remain with the Packers for another five seasons. This would have made him the most-paid player and quarterback in the NFL.

Mahomes holds the title. The deal he signed will pay $450 million in 10 years and tie him to the Chiefs through 2031.

Chiefs fans are concerned that Mahomes’ relationship with Chiefs may deteriorate at the end of the contract, just like the Packers with their star. Mahomes pointed out how great he is with Reid, General Manager Brett Veach, and Clark Hunt, and said that they expect that relationship to continue.

He said that if the Chiefs and I keep communication open from top to bottom, it will not be a problem. It’s all about the culture we have here, of respecting one another and communicating well with each other.

Rodgers’ absence from team events was his first indiscretionary move. He isn’t expected to attend Packers training camp.

Mahomes was among the injured and other players who reported to Chiefs Training Camp. He said that after February surgery to repair the injury in his left foot from the AFC Divisional Playoff game against the Cleveland Browns in which he was injured, he’s 100% well and will return for full camp.

It will be time to find out if Rodgers will return to the Packers.

Reid was not interested in speculating on Rodgers’ fate with the Packers or who is at fault.

Reid stated, “That’s just like discussing someone’s marital life.” You don’t see what happens behind closed doors.

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