Arkham Asylum: Superman almost got the game with Batman by Rogue Squadron devs

The world still lacks a good Superman video game. However, Factor 5’s final game was meant to be that game. The game’s designer now has a lot of details to share, including gameplay videos and artwork previously unknown.

Developer ‘Salvatrix – also working on Rift, Rogue Squadron III, Rebel Strike – posted an earlier this month thread to Twitter, where he spoke on Reddit, giving many unrevealed facts and images. He even shared videos and photos from the deleted Superman game codenamed “Blue Steel”. Although the project had been known of before, it was not as detailed.

Salvatrix claims that the game would have not been open-world. There are large open areas at 20-25 blocks in Metropolis, Smallville and the Fortress of Solitude. Superman could fly and battle “with foes greater in his power range,” rather than using the “kryptonite or fighting robots” that he is accustomed to.

Superman could pick up objects and fight against enemies from all over the globe. He can even punch through walls. As shown in excellent concept art, Darkseid, Livewire and Doomsday would be villains.

Although the screenshots look a bit bloated, Salvatrix posted a prototype of gameplay with new assets. You can view it below. The screenshots show the combat system and the amazing building rushes. Perhaps most importantly, the Kryptonian villain General Zod could have been played during the story, not during the versus mode.

YouTube Thumbnail

Despite the fact that the project was abandoned in 2008 due to the financial crisis, which also killed publisher Brash Entertainment and Factor 5, it was supposed to be released around 2009. It was to have been alongside Batman: Arkham Asylum (also cancelled) and Superman Returns. It’s still a great glimpse at a game that looks promising.

WB Montreal, Gotham Knights’ developer is currently working on Superman games. However, the Man of Steel can be found next month in Fortnite. Ironically, Wonder Woman’s Justice Leaguer friend and director is making a Rogue Squadron film.

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