Beats Studio Buds Review: Great sound quality and amazing features
For a lower price

Beats Studio Buds Review: Great sound quality and amazing features For a lower price

Beats Studio Buds Review: Great sound quality and amazing features
For a lower price

Beats Studio Buds are the perfect wireless earbuds. They are made by Apple and work on Android just like iPhone. The Studio Buds are a very attractive choice, but do they actually sound as great as they seem? is blasting out our favorite playlist over the last few weeks, and it’s clear that Beats Buds are great. They are actually really, really great.

We’ll start by setting up the pairing process. Everybody gets one touch pairing regardless of their phone model. Simply flip the lid open and hold the Buds close to your phone. A pop-up box will appear on the screen with just one tap. You won’t have to dig into Bluetooth settings in order to hear the music.

Although Beats users already have this simple setup for quite a while now on iPhone, it is the first time Android fans will be able to quickly get their music playing. You’re now up and running in just seconds. But how does Beats Studio Buds sound like?

We have no complaints despite the price. The audio is clear, rich and has a lot of bass.

An 8.2mm dual element diaphragm driver delivers noise to your ears. Beats works its magic to ensure that you have a pleasant experience, no matter your musical preference.

Studio Buds now feature ANC, which can help to boost the overall experience. This is a remarkable feat given the PS129 price.

The noise cancellation is quite solid, and although it’s not the most market-leading, does an adequate job at keeping screaming children from the nearby coffee shop to a minimum.

The Beats Studio Buds are also very comfortable, with the many interchangeable rubber tips. This means that all sizes of ears can be accommodated.

After we had found the perfect tips, the fit was so snug that it blocked out a lot of background noise even before applying the ANC.

You can turn off sound blocking technology by simply tapping the sides of the buds.

You can also use the transparency mode to allow all background audio into your ears. This should prevent you from missing your train calling.

You also get a handy, small-sized case to charge your wireless buds when they run low. The case provides a 24-hour battery life and allows for 8 hours of audio playback.

You can also choose a Fast Fuel option that charges in just 5 minutes and provides an hour of music playback. Don’t worry if you lose your Beats Studio Buds. They are the first Beats products to be compatible with both Find My Device in Android and Find My Device in iOS.

The design of the equipment should be able to withstand the British climate and the exercise routines at the gym.

There are some niggles, but that’s the great stuff. Unfortunately, Beats Studio Buds isn’t perfect.

The controls are very limited on the buds and you can’t adjust the volume with them without touching your phone. The touch controls can also be annoying in that they will pause the music if you do not want it to stop.

Wireless music players also lack Apple’s H1 chip, which means that you cannot seamlessly switch between iPhone and Mac without going to the Bluetooth menu.

You can only refill the charging case with a USB-C cable. The Buds don’t have an Apple Lightning connector. We were not impressed with the quality of the calls from one of our contacts when we attempted to communicate via the Buds.


FOLLOW THIS LINKThe price is a great value.
AGAINST Apple devices do not have seamless switching

Beats Studio Buds are a great choice if you want a pair of solid wireless buds at a reasonable price.

Beats created these mini music producers with great sound and simple configuration. They are also as accessible on Android, even though they are Apple products.

They get ANC, which is a great bonus. The perfect fit also means that your music won’t be ruined by background noise.

There are some issues, including the lack of touch control and the fact that they do not have the H1 chip, which is a disadvantage because you cannot quickly toggle between FaceTime calls on your Mac or music on your iPhone.

These are great earbuds with great features for a fraction of the price of AirPods. That’s what we like about it!

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