Cartier Engagement Rings: Richemont says “No” to Lab-Grown Diamonds

Cartier Engagement Rings

This is a contrast between old and new luxury: Jean Dousset (the great-great-grandson of Cartier’s founder) on Cartier engagement rings brand.

One, Cartier is a luxury brand founded in 1847 by Louis Francois Cartier and run by the Cartier families until 1964. It has now rejected the latest jewelry innovation, lab-grown diamonds, as it does not fit the brand’s image. Richemont currently owns Cartier.

Lab-grown diamonds are not as stable and have the same molecular structure that those in nature. These were created two days earlier,” Cartier’s chief executive Cyrille Viganon said in an interview with the Business of Fashion and McKinsey for their “State of Fashion Watches and Jewelleryā€¯ report.

He stated that lab-grown diamonds will be rejected by many customers because they have lost their uniqueness and the fact they were created millions of years ago by Earth.

Cartier is not yet ready to accept lab-grown diamonds, even though they are still possible under Vigneron. We promise traceability and naturality to all our customers. He said that this could lead to some questioning of the diamond’s value compared to other gemstones.

On the other side, Jean Dousset is the great-great grandson of Louis-Francois and is carrying Louis’ legacy, if his name, forward with the launch a lab-grown jewelry line to compliment his highly successful mined diamond business.

Dousset states, “This represents a paradigm shift in the luxury and diamond world.” One of the biggest misconceptions consumers have about lab-grown diamonds, is that they’re fake. This can be overcome by pointing messaging and high-profile designer brands legitimizing lab-growns.

Dousset’s Journey

Dousset wasn’t born out of Nepotism, but hard work and talent, as well as vision, got him to where he is now, much like his father.

Dousset was born in Paris in 1971. His career in jewelry began in 1992, when he joined Chaumet as the official jeweler of Emperor Napoleon at the Place Vendome.

He joined Boucheron as an apprentice in 1996. Then he moved to Van Cleef arpels in 1999. This led him to move to Los Angeles, where he helped to revitalize the brand’s presence at Rodeo Drive.

In 2005, he took the leap of faith and founded his own diamond jewelry Atelier. He was a popular celebrity client, custom-designing engagement rings for Paris Hilton, Amy Adam, Eva Longoria, and Amy Adam. He opened his West Hollywood store in 2010, and later launched his online jewelry business.

He is now adapting his business to meet the changing needs of the market by introducing a direct-to-consumer collection of lab-grown diamonds, named Oui by Jean Dousset. He is following the example of Louis Cartier and his family who, after a century, couldn’t survive without their company.

These rocks can be real

Dousset says that he has been following the development of lab-grown diamonds for many years with open eyes. He also noted how vital lab diamonds had become for consumers. Oui’s goal has been to provide high-quality jewelry at a lower price without compromising quality, customization, or weight.

Oui by Jean Dousset_Three Stone Engagement Ring GroupingThree-stone Oui by Jean Dousset cartier engagement rings Jean Dousset

The Oui collection offers an affordable option for your engagement ring, starting at $2,900. It is made to magnify the central stone, making it appear bigger to the eyes, which is ultimately what you want. Customers can filter the collection by cut, budget and color.

All Oui diamonds use the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, which produces diamonds with the same sparkle and beauty as a mined one. Type IIa is the highest-quality type of diamond certified by GIA.

Dousset states that a lab diamond provides the same visual experience without any compromises. He recognizes that budget constraints often make it difficult for couples to cut corners on the quality and size of their diamonds. It’s an exciting time to be a jeweler. Both for the customer and me, it has been very liberating.”

It is appealing to be able get more with less. A three-stone Chelsea-style cartier engagement rings starts at $9.800 with a less than one-carat-mined-diamond centre stone. Similar Claire rings in the Oui collection start at $4,800. They have a lab-grown one-carat center stone.

He adds that lab-grown diamonds allow consumers to spend more on designer ring sets and brands than they could before because so much of their budget was taken up by the cost of the center diamond. A wider range of people are now able to afford the “mystic” of diamonds.

People have choices

Dousset is, in conclusion, honoring his personal legacy and embracing the future with Jean Dousset his mined-diamond collection and his new Oui collection.

I believe lab and natural diamonds are compatible with a different belief system. Both are excellent options for different reasons. He concludes that the options can’t be distinguished in terms of brilliance and beauty. A diamond is just that, a diamond. It’s up to you what kind of diamond you want.

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