Dead Space 2’s most important developers are working on it Remake


EA has finally confirmed that the remake of Dead Space 1 is being produced exclusively for PC and next-gen consoles. Motive (Star Wars: Squadrons) is working on the Dead Space 2 remake. This makes it seem like a key member of Dead Space 2’s team.

Motive has a new team to handle the remake of the Dead Space team from Visceral Games. EA has posted a brand new article titled “Meet the Team” where core team members talk about their experiences with Dead Space, including Michael Yazijian as art director. He recalls that he enjoyed it so much, that he didn’t want the experience to end.

Yazijian was also a part of Motive’s Star Wars: Squadrons, and WB Montreal’s Batman: Arkham Origins. But, the most surprising thing is that he also worked as an art director for Dead Space 2 in Visceral’s Montreal office. According to EA, this gives Yazijian a “unique perspective” on the remake. He also has ideas that were inspired by the sequel and will be used in crafting the next game.

Yazijian pulled out his notebooks from Dead Space to help him approach the remake. All of it is going into the game.

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Yazijian insists that Dead Space’s original vision is the source of his inspiration. “We make sure that we follow the story and the art direction out of respect for Dead Space.” Some even plan to include cut content from the original which has been removed because of technical limitations or other reasons.

Dead Space remains one of the most popular horror games for PC. The sequel to the original is also great. Michael Yazijian has a lot of experience so we are hopeful that the remake will be just as good.

Publited at Sun, 25 July 2021 17:31.54 (+0000).


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