GTA 6 may be Grand Theft Auto’s last Grand Theft Auto title


GTA 6 may be Grand Theft Auto's last Grand Theft Auto title

GTA Online’s huge success makes it logical to offer a live service for next GTA games.

In a new article published by DualShockers Henderson claimed that the model might mean GTA 6 is the last game in the GTA series.

Henderson stated in the article: “Rockstar appears to be making GTA 6 one of the greatest future-proof video games ever made, with continuous updates that give fans new content and keep the world fresh by evolving.

GTA 5 and GTA Online remain huge success stories. The fifth installment still receives several million in premium sales each month. To be honest, Rockstar feels as though they could ride the GTA Online train for another decade, if they wanted to.”

Henderson stated that GTA 6 may end up as the “last” franchise.

Of course, this is speculation. However, the evidence seems to back Henderson’s theory.

Publited at Sun 25 July 2021, 05:16.09 +0000


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