Knights of the Old Republic Unreal is being created by fans With Lucasfilm’s blessing

An animated series using Unreal Engine 5 is being created by a talented group of fans that retells the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic story. The fact that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is being remade seems to be a concern to the fans. However, they reached out to Lucasfilm to get permission to continue and were granted approval.

Unreal Cinema’s team has posted videos of their progress in the past few months. The space battles and Swoop Racing across Tatooine look great. On Friday’s video was posted, it shows bits of the opening battle as well as the facial animation for Trask, KOTOR’s first character.

Some glimpses of major characters have been shared by the project. We get a fresh look at Jedi hero Bastila, Shan and Darth Revan – we believe they may have some important role – as well as HK-47, everybody’s favorite meatbag hater.

The Lucasfilm franchise owners gave the permission to the Lucasfilm team. They asked for their approval, but they also required that they don’t allow any footage of the films, public crowdfund the project or monetise the Knights of the Old Republic series. Although they do have a Patreon for Unreal Cinema, it’s not for the KOTOR movie.

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Knights of the Old Republic remains one of the most popular Star Wars games, almost 20 years later. This project seems like an awesome way to revisit one of the greatest Star Wars stories. The game also adheres to the simple rule that if people aren’t willing or unable to make it happen, then the fans will.

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