Spain could be included in ‘amberplus’ for summer holiday chaos List affecting millions of Brits

A new UK travel list, the “amber-plus”, has been created by Government. France was added to it. Travellers returning to France from abroad must now self-isolate in France for at least 10 days even though they are fully vaccinated.

France was a popular destination for tourists who wanted to visit France but had to cancel their plans.

If Spain and Greece were added to the “amber-plus” list, more chaos might ensue.

According to the Labour Party, almost six million Britons will be quarantined at last minute.

Jim McMahon is the shadow transport secretary. He stated: “Not just have they failed to secure our borders, allowing Covid case to rocket, but they also refuses to be straight to the public and provide them with the information they require to make travel arrangements with confidence.

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Families who booked holiday packages in good faith are now at risk of losing their vacations – the 10-day quarantine for those already financially struggling is not an option.

During the next review of travel, France could remove its new more restrictive measures at the beginning of August.

It would depend on the number of cases for the Beta variant within the country.

LBC was told by George Eustice, Environment Secretary: “As these rates come down obviously the evidence can change and it is possible to review; we want to be placing countries such as France back on the amberlist in the usual way.”

Spain is also experiencing an increase in infections, and the Beta variant has made up 14.5 percent.

Recent research shows that AstraZeneca vaccines have a 83 percent effectiveness against Beta strain and an 88 percent effectiveness against Delta Covid.

Although it isn’t yet certain if Spain and Greece will be included on the “amber-plus” list, the government has expressed concern about the uncertainty surrounding travel abroad.

The spokesperson for the Department for Transport stated that “The allocations for travel lists have not changed for Spain and Greece.”

We are monitoring all data closely and will swiftly take action to allocate travel lists and meet international travel needs if the data shows that the risk of countries changing their relationship with England.

The creation of the “amber-plus” list coincides with the rapid increase in Covid cases in the Canary Islands.

Although the Canary government wants to place some Tenerife areas under an earlier 1am-6am curfew it must be approved by Spain’s Supreme Court.

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