The amber plus: A new way to travel chaos How do you travel? Guidelines?


The amber plus: A new way to travel chaos How do you travel?

Brits who want to travel abroad are being challenged by the new “amber plus” tier of the Government’s travel light system. For those who have received the double jab, it seemed that rules were slightly relaxed. They no longer need isolation after they return from amber countries. But amber plus makes this a reality.

Following a change in travel advice, thousands of Brits traveled abroad over the past few weeks. However, it is possible that they will be rushing to return home in an effort to not become isolated.

Based on data such as the number of patients, variant spread, vaccine status, and the hospitalisations within each country, the Government is constantly reviewing its travel guidelines.

The Government examines the traffic light system every three weeks and, based upon the data available to it, shifts countries between tiers.

Next review will be on Wednesday August 4 or Thursday August 5.

Amber plus rules

It was revealed that travellers with double vaccinations would no longer need to be isolated after they return from amber-listed countries.

It opened the doors to key European destinations such as France, Spain, and Greece for Brits who were twice jabbled. However, this is changing with the amber plus.

All people returning from Amber Plus countries must be quarantined for up to 10 Days.

After arriving in the UK on their second day, travelers must also undergo a PCR test. Another one is done on day 8.

If they have received two vaccines, a PCR test on day 5 could be used to release them from quarantine.

The day 8 test should still be passed.

Anybody who has not been fully jabbed should adhere to Amber Country rules.

Spain saw a remarkable increase in infections with 25743 reported daily on an average basis.

Infections at a rate of 382 per 100,000 have been reported in the past seven days.

France, which is now on the amber+ list, has had an average of 15,546 infections per day.

It is 162 cases for every 100,000 persons over the last seven days with Beta variant concern.

The Government has yet to confirm that Spain and Greece will join the amber+ list. However, it is possible for countries to change at any moment.

It could lead to millions of Brits missing out on holiday opportunities if Spain and Greece are included in the Amber Plus List.

Jim McMahon, Labour’s shadow transportation secretary, stated that they had failed to secure our borders and allowed Covid cases rocket. They also refused to communicate with the public with all the necessary information to help them book safe travel, including clear information about the travel direction for infections.

Families who booked holiday packages in good faith are now at risk of losing their vacations. A 10-day quarantine is not an option for those already suffering from the pandemic.

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