The U.S. women’s rugby team used the cardboard Olympics as a playground Beds to reveal the truth

The beds in the Olympic Village aren’t anti-sex. We can rely on Team USA’s women’s rugby team to confirm this, thanks in part to TikTok’s creative testing.

Because the beds were made from cardboard, they went viral. This was because it wasn’t strong enough to prevent more than one person from making a nuisance of themselves. According to the Associated Press, cardboard can withstand a lot of weight and is as strong as wood.

After hearing about the beds’ existence, the U.S. women’s Rugby team had some fun. Ilona Maher performed various activities with her team on the beds in a TikTok that has more than one million views.

One beautiful pose for a warrior.
Credit: Screenshot by Tiktok/Ilona Meer
Be careful, bed!
Credit: Image by TikTok/Ilona Meer

These tests involved performing various yoga postures and giving CPR to the mattresses. They also included throwing temper tantrums and jumping about, practising A skips and delivering a wrestling knockout.

Ilona returns to TikTok and says, cheekily, “And this last take Nicole and I will have se-.” The video ends.

Tests by the rugby team showed that the beds were stronger than anticipated. Takashi Kitajama was the village’s general manager. He told the AP that the Village could easily break the beds by jumping as hard as you might in a team celebration. The beds seemed to be able to withstand the jumping of the rugby team.

These cardboard beds are intended to support Tokyo’s sustainable efforts in the Olympics. Both the bed frames and the plastic parts of the mattresses will be recycled following the games.

Don’t be concerned about your comfort. TikToks were also created by athletes like Tilly Kearns from Australia, which show how to adjust the mattress’s firmness and length. The Olympians seem to be happy with their sleeping arrangements, regardless of whether they are using them for sleep, or other purposes.

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