“There is a small group of people who are waiting to meet me. To fail” Kenny Omega on his work with the other wrestlers companies

Kenny Omega knows the pressure that comes with carrying three world titles in AEW and IMPACT Wrestling simultaneously. He is driven to greatness by the fact that so many people cheer for him to succeed.

Wrestling Observer Radio’s latest episode featured Kenny Omega joining the show to talk about all things AEW. Concerning Omega’s current work in different wrestling companies, he said that even though he may fail in his endeavors, he is willing to do so.

Kenny Omega stated, “I am willing to fail miserably and put myself out there.” It gets me excited, even though there are some people who are waiting to see me fail and cheering me on. On the other end, there are many people who look forward to new performances and new challenges. For those people and also for my promotion as AEW representative, I would like to make it a success.

Kenny Omega said that he enjoys the pressure from people to make him fail, because it allows him to be his best.

Kenny Omega said, “The people who want me to fail. You know that I love that pressure.” It’s not clear why, but it seems like I don’t get the best out of myself when there is no pressure. To get out and try all the things, and to also try behind-the scenes to make contact with old contacts, and try to be a little bridge between companies. These are challenges that keep me motivated to work.

Kenny Omega hopes to be able to retire from every job he has held in an even better position than when he started.

Kenny Omega is determined to make a difference in the world of wrestling and for the companies that employ him. He stated that he will do everything he can for the promotion’s talent.

Kenny Omega stated, “I suppose for the multiple promotions thing, I just want every promotion to be in a better position than when it was I arrived.” “I will do my best to support talent in any way I can. It’s a joy to challenge myself and to be able to learn. In the Sami match I learnt a few new things. I also learned something every time I travel to Mexico. It’s a great place to get to know the culture of wrestling. Respect that culture and let it show me through my skills. I hope to learn from them and incorporate their knowledge into my own style.

Kenny Omega and The Super Elite will take on Hangman Page (and The Dark Order) in an exciting match at Fight For The Fallen.

Page or Dark Order will win the fight and they’ll have a chance to compete at the AEW World Championships and Tag Team Championships.

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