Video of “Kingdom of Death” by Auday Hussein Gilgamesh-inspired Amiga game

11 minutes with an unreleased Shadow of the Beast Challenger

Auday Hussein, an Iraqi programer and designer, worked in the 1990s on an Amiga version of Gilgamesh’s Mesopotamian epic. This is the oldest known work of literature. I was able to chat with him about this incredible project, including his early experiments using the MSX, Amiga and what it was like learning programming in Baghdad under the Ba’ath Party. He also discussed the difficulties of visualizing the Gilgamesh world and how the game might be released today.

Hussein shared also a video of his game. It now goes by the title of “Kingdom of Death”. This is a stunning and atmospheric adventure set in the underground, featuring a fantastic monster bestiary as well as thoughtful puzzles that are tied to cuneiform writings. The full story can be read here, or you can watch the video without the subtitles.

Here’s an excerpt of the article. This game draws inspiration from many non-Mesopotamian sources such as Shadow of the Beast and Zelda’s 1987 RPG Fairy Tale Adventure. It is more free and open than the Gilgamesh story, featuring puzzles that take you deeper into the environment.

Auday also created the amazing hoverbike racing game ImpulseGP. This was published on Amazon, Android, and iOS many years after Auday left Iraq. The game’s 60 frame second performance is not the most notable feature. However, it has the Trackmaster proprietary course editor that allowed designers and artists to import and modify items quickly.

Hussein explained to me that artists and designers could bring their 3D art directly from Maya, or other applications. Then they can import it into the tool and start paving their tracks along the lines. Hussein explained that they simply draw the lines and then the track moves on. They can also twist the track and complete everything very quickly. It takes only a few hours to design a track with the entire environment surrounding it. You can even play Trackmaster as you work on it.

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