While we wait for IGI Origins to arrive, IGI Project IGI is available. Far Cry 5:

The fan-remade, but not without problems, of GoldenEye is now the inspiration for Far Cry 5. Project IGI, a classic spy game, has been remade in Far Cry Arcade.

Far Cry 6 is almost here, but Far Cry 5 still impresses with fan-created content. It’s even worse that Far Cry 6 doesn’t come with a level editor. Far Cry Arcade has very few tools for map makers, but there are many great remakes, including those by Counter-Strike or Hotline Miami.

User gregorpl123 created the remakes of Project IGI 2 and IGI 2 (thanks to DSOGaming). All 14 Missions of Project IGI were remade and 19 of the sequel’s missions in Far Cry 5 are available for free by going to Far Cry Arcade, searching for “IGI”,

This is a bit rougher than Krollywood’s impressive GoldenEye remake. The original Project IGI started players on a hill outside of the camp, while this version plonks them in. Far Cry 5 has a much more tactical control system than Project IGI, making it easier to sabotage enemies. It is still impressive. GregorOnline appears to be working on Far Cry 5, Max Payne and Resident Evil Village remakes.

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All of these are still more details than any one has seen about the next Project IGI game, IGI Origins. This game was first announced in 2019, but it’s not been seen since. However, a recent update promises that the game will be available for play in 2022. Far Cry 6 will be released this year. Season Pass members can also play as the best characters in the series. It is unfortunate that there are no level editors.

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