Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Theory: 4 of the first four Golden Tickets were issued

Gene Wilder was the star of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in 1950. It is based almost entirely on Roald Dahl’s novel. In recent years, fans have shared many theories regarding the film’s storyline. One popular theory is that Willy Wonka sent only four Golden Tickets first, rather than five.

Reddit user jacksonwhipple noted that the theory applies only to the 1971 film and does not apply to the Roald Dahl book, Johnny Depp remake Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The authors wrote that Willy Wonka only sent four tickets out to the world when he first sent them out. He waited for someone else to make a fake so he could send the last.

It is safe to say that Wilkinson knew exactly where he was sending tickets, as he showed up nearly immediately after the items were discovered.

Charlie showed up at the address just minutes after finding it.

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According to the theorist, Charlie was the exception as he could not afford to search for it. After the announcement that the gambler had found the fifth ticket, everything calmed down.

The candy shop owner said that once the Wonka bars were found, he no longer had to conceal them. Let’s not forget that it is possible that he was also involved in the scheme.

So I believe that Willy Wonka issued the last ticket after it was announced that the [that] ticket had been faked. It was almost certain that somebody would eventually attempt to counterfeit the prize, with everyone involved in it.

A fan pointed out that after everyone had thought that the contest was finished, Candy Man took the fifth Golden Ticket with him to his neighborhood to find someone else who didn’t want it. It could have been a child who simply wanted chocolate.

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According to the theorist, “as the terrible news about the ticket start was revealed, it is likely that no active participant wanted any additional money for Wonka bars.”

He gave Charlie the ticket and the bar to Charlie, telling him he would get it for Grandpa Joe. This could have signalled that the candy shop owner should look for someone to gift the ticket, as he displayed generosity and sharing with the children.

The children also noted that Charlie was given a bar by him that was displayed, and not one that the other children could access.

According to the theorist, “With Willy Wonka being the manipulative sociopath and genius we all know him to have been, it would be sensible for him to control the contest to find the right person to give his life’s work.”


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