Yacht docked in west Wales countryside open for holiday Stays

This renovated boat, affectionately called Mr Imp, is in ship shape and available for guests to enjoy a relaxing getaway in Llandeilo (Carmarthenshire), Wales. Enjoy a unique glamping experience where two guests can enjoy a 22-acre private nature reserve filled with lakes, wildflower meadows and large oak trees.

Harry Potter lovers can find a gigantic tree to intimidate the Whomping Willow in the film and book.

The wooden boat is almost unchanged from its days as a sailing vessel and guests can take a rest in the wooden boats made of blue, green, or red wood.

A double bed, converted from the living area to a bedroom, is located onboard. There’s also a woodburner and a sink.

Publiated at Sun 25 July 2021, 07:24:09 (+0000).

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