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Apex Legends Update Today: All Patch Notes Revealed Launch of Season 10

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Apex Legends Update Today: All Patch Notes Revealed
Launch of Season 10

Apex Legends’ update today is about fixing annoying bugs in the build-up to Season 10.

These patch notes include an overview of the changes made in the previous build.

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You can now download the Apex Update for PS4, Xbox One and PC. It contains small, but very important improvements.

Revenant’s Silence descriptions were also incorrectly dated, an issue that was fixed in the final version of the game.

It could be costly for gamers and shouldn’t continue to be an issue on all platforms.

Respawn also has made Ranked Queues stabler, so that there should be fewer issues jumping in to games.

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Below are the full Respawn patch notes. They include these changes:

  • When changing legends in rank queues, players become unreadied
  • Sometimes, the legend select screen is skipped
  • Rare bug which allows shooting from the ground
  • Description of Revenant’s Silence showing an incorrect duration
  • Private match crashes
  • Other stability fixes

This patch is the final one Respawn will release before Season 10 arrives for Apex Legends.

The big update will be launched August 3, and features a variety of new content, as well as big news about a new character.

Next month will unlock Seer, who boasts stealth capabilities that make him an exceptional choice.

The official description of Seer states that he uses microdrones as well as an artist’s eyes to spot opportunities other Legends may miss and seizes them with the greatest beauty possible.”

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Apex Legends will see another major change in Season 10, the huge map update for World’s Edge.

These new changes are part of the official game story. Months of mining aggressively have left the land overmined and overburdened. The area has been pushed to the limit.

Nature is trying to reclaim what she has, and the earth has broken apart. Hammond has begun to limit the damage caused by the weather control machines used to quickly cool the region to below zero temperatures at the Climatizer. Hammond also built a Lava Siphon in order to stabilize the caldera.

The following are new points of interest:


Let’s begin by taking a look at the Refinery. Now, the Refinery is gone. It has been replaced by Climatizer. This POI has the equipment and idea that Hammond built massive cloud seeding towers in order to cool World’s Edge.


Fragment East has been fractured from the Climatizer, and a bubbling river of lava connects the two. It does not use the updraft airlift mechanism, which is the main difference to the crack in north. It is instead traversable as all other lava on the map, and can inflict damage to players if it’s stepped upon.


Some of the original World’s Edge gameplay is back, but with something different. Two new POIs will feature moving gondolas: Climatizer, and Lava Siphon. The moving gondolas provide safe and secure passageways for your team across the dangerous lava and POIs.

Publiated Mon, 26 July 2021 at 20:35.48 (+0000).

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