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Before Priscilla, Elvis Presley had promised his girlfriend marriage and children.

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Before Priscilla, Elvis Presley had promised his girlfriend marriage and children.

Elvis Presley entered the US Military in 1958. The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, was stationed at Friedberg in Germany during this period. He was still in love with Anita his childhood sweetheart, and he left to go out serving. Later, he shared all the details behind closed doors.

Anita shared how Elvis looked very different from when she met him for the first time.

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She stated that Elvis at the time was more normal than he is now.

He didn’t dye his hair and didn’t use the lifts on his feet. His beautiful brown hair was a result of his natural beauty. “He was exactly like the neighbor.” (Via Elvis Australia)

Her memory was clear: “We used to go into the back yard, sit down in our backyard and gaze up at the sky. Discuss all of the plans we had for the future, such as getting married and all that stuff.

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Anita was also close to Elvis’ parents Gladys Presley and Vernon Presley.

Elvis was very close to his mom and this connection was crucial to him.

Star was born as a twin but Jesse Garon, his brother, died soon after birth.

The mother and her son became very close because they discussed all aspects of their lives.

Anita continued: “And she stated: ‘I just can’t help but see him running down the driveway with his tiny bare feet. This little blonde-headed boy. We talked about many things.

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The couple didn’t marry or have kids. When Elvis returned from Germany, he was more interested in young Priscilla, who was only 14 years old at the time.

After a couple of more years, Elvis split with Anita, and Priscilla moved in with him to Graceland.

Anita discovered a letter written by Priscilla to King before they arrived.

Anita said that she found the letter, and was confronted by the star. The letter contained the following: “Please contact my father. If you can call your dad, you will be able to let me go. I miss you.’

So when he arrived, I asked him: “What’s this? Who’s this Priscilla?” He said that Priscilla was a child. “He was so furious when I discovered the letter.

He took me, and shoved me against the closet. “He was mad at me and just as furious that I found the letter.


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