Call of Duty 2021 will be revealed at a huge event in Warzone Report

In 2021, a new Call of Duty title will be released and Warzone is expected to play an important role in it.

Activision is rumored to host another Battle Royale event, according to fresh reports.

Call of Duty Warzone is a great platform to launch new games, thanks to its large playerbase.

It is easy to use on PS4, Xbox One and next-gen consoles, as well as a host of interactive experiences.

Activision released the Black Ops Cold War trailer last year using Warzone. It had to be unlocked through a series unique challenges.

According to reports, this is a possibility to show off the next Call of Duty title.

Operation Vanguard, which is currently being developed by Sledgehammer games, is scheduled to release in November 2021.

Expect the new COD game to take place in the 1940s and 1950s. It will be heavily influenced by the WW2 era.

The latest information suggests that an important Call of Duty Warzone unveil event will be held in August 2021.

It is unknown what this event will look like and how interactive. Based on past events, we know that gamers will be following objectives on either the Verdansk and Rebirth Map.

Tom Henderson is a reliable leaker of COD information and has indicated that the Call of Duty new game would be released before August 25th.

Activision has signed up as a Gamescom partner, making it easy to share all details about the next COD title.

Many reports claim that Call of Duty Vanguard will be the next installment in the FPS-series.

Reports start to diverge on whether it will be in an alternate history similar to Wolfenstein.

It is not clear if the game will be set in 1950s settings, which would mean that the war did not end, or if it will feature an older WW2 setting.

Although the setting remains open to debate, it is beginning to seem like the WW2 setting with Vanguard’s name seems pretty solid.

Activision’s most recent information regarding Call of Duty: The Next Game was released a while back. It doesn’t give much insight into the content of the game.

In May, Daniel Alegre, Activision’s Chief Operating Officer stated that “In particular, we are excited for this years premium Call of Duty release.

Sledgehammer Games is leading development and it is on the right track to release its Fall Release.

This build is for the next generation experience and features stunning visuals in campaign, multiplayer, and cooperative play modes. It integrates with and enhances existing COD ecosystem. The community will soon receive more information.

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