Call of Duty Warzone NVIDIA DLSSS Review: Is it possible? Are you better at setting goals?


Call of Duty Warzone NVIDIA DLSSS Review: Is it possible?
Are you better at setting goals?

Call of Duty fanatics had reason to celebrate recently when Warzone added NVIDIA DLS support.

Deep Learning Super Sampling claims it can increase performance up to 70% when playing at 4K. This is achieved by using AI Super Resolution, which provides the best possible frame rates and highest graphics settings.

This means that PC gamers won’t have to compromise on games such as Call of Duty Warzone.

Enabling DLSS in gaming is like having your cake with your friends. Without compromising the frame rate, you can increase the visual quality.

Recently, I tested DLSS in Warzone on a 4K display with a fast refresh rate to see if it is as good as its reputation.

Warzone’s new DLSS option blew my mind, like a Tactical Nuclear Nuke pouring down upon a packed battlefield

You have a variety of DLSS choices, with each having a preferred setup.

For 8K games, Ultra Performance is recommended. __S.11__

Performance is recommended for 4K gaming, while Balanced provides optimised performance as well as image quality.

The Quality mode makes images appear much better in 2K.

It was incredible to watch Warzone’s frame rate jump from 60s to low 70s using NVIDIA’s Recommended Performance Mode Setting for 4K.

The frame rate was consistent at or above 100 FPS even in Warzone’s most chaotic zones.

You have to perform well in a game where each second counts.

There are many advantages to being able play in 4K. The game looks better and the sharp visuals give a clearer view to distant areas, including any potential hiding places.

Warzone’s DLSS support is even better because you can get a significant frame rate boost with no loss of image quality.

Warzone looks great, and it’d be a shame to not be able see Verdansk at its best.

Deep Learning Super Sampling for Call of Duty Warzone has a lot to offer.

It’s not a simple upgrade, but it makes a big difference and can help you take your skills to new heights.

DLSS can be enabled if you are able to find it in the menu screen.

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