Car POLL: Is road tax to be determined by mileage?

Because he believes the existing system is inequitable, Mr Josh Booth started a petition for calculating road tax on mileage.

He said, “This tax should reflect what the car emits.”

If I only use my car for a few hours a week, it emits less than someone who uses it daily. So why do I have to pay the same road tax?

“I have a car I drive only on weekends as I work at home, and another for commutes.

It is absurd that PS630 per annum must be paid to rent a vehicle for a weekend.

This is much more than car insurance.

Are you a believer that road taxes should be calculated based on miles? Vote now and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

In an effort to improve our air quality, there’s been a lot of pressure over the last year for Clean Air Zones to be established in UK cities.

Vehicles that fail to meet Clean Air Zone standards will be charged a fee.

Other zones do not have fees, but the councils encourage people to use public transportation or bicycles over motor vehicles.

After the Supreme Court ordered the government to address high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NH2) in British air, this initiative was initiated.

According to the Royal College of Physicians, 40,000 deaths could be linked to environmental pollution. This has been associated with cancer, asthma strokes heart disease and obesity, as well as diabetes, depression, dementia, and other illnesses.

According to them, the effects of pollution on the UK’s economy and NHS cost the NHS over PS20 billion annually.

Booth is convinced that the campaign’s goal, which was to alter the structure of the roads tax, will contribute to a better future.

He stated that linking road tax and mileage could also lead to financial incentives for driving less. This would help lower emissions.

Newslanes wants to hear your opinion about whether a road tax based on mileage would reduce car emissions. Vote in our poll below and leave a comment.

Recently, the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), warned rural drivers that a new type of road tax based on mileage would “hit them hardest.”

People who are required to travel for work, such as health care workers and on-site laborers, could be subject to higher wages than people who work remotely.

PRA stated that they are “deeply worried” about possible pricing for road taxes, which might make it impossible to afford a vehicle.

Is it unfair to make road tax mileage-based discriminatory against key workers who drive their cars to commute to work? Now vote.

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One thought on “Car POLL: Is road tax to be determined by mileage?”

  1. It would be useful if these reports contained a link to the petition also as I agree that the present system is totally unfair. Another problem however is that a number of years ago the government considered adding the cost of road tax to fuel but the amount they were considering adding was way too much. Even for a low mileage driver it would have cost more than the existing system

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