Equity Monday: China increases pressure on tech sector Duolingo’s IPO is expected to bring in a few additional dollars

Welcome back to Equity! TechCrunch’s podcast focusing on venture capital. We will be breaking down the numbers and explaining the stories behind them.

Equity Monday is our weekly kickoff. It tracks private market news and discusses the week ahead. We also discuss recent funding rounds, as well as discuss a bigger theme or narrative in the private markets. Follow the show here on Twitter and me here.

Do you ever wake up and see a wall of information? This morning was no different. We had to choose. We decided that this morning’s show was about getting people to pay attention.

  • Asian shares were lower than European ones, while American stocks are expected to open underwater. Bitcoin had a great weekend, however.
  • China continued its edtech crackdown over the weekend. The country’s ruling Party set new rules regarding online tutoring businesses. They can’t go public anymore and must become non-profit organizations. All over the globe, Chinese edtech stocks fell.
  • China continued its larger-scale tech crackdown over the weekend, including new attacks on the business models of Tencent Music and food delivery services. Both must guarantee minimum incomes while the former must end exclusive rights agreements. Shares fell.
  • Jam City SPAC has gone bankrupt. This is not the first such deal to fail.
  • We talked about the Rivian news that stood out, and we also discussed it.

We had fun doing all of that. We send love and hugs to the Equity team, talk Wednesday

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