Explore Forza: From the Living Desert to the Volcano’s Peak Horizon 5’s Seasons and Biomes

Although flashy off-road cars and supercars are certainly the highlights of the Forza Horizon series’ series series’ forza Horizon series’ series series’ series’ series, the game’s rich, varied environments that were based on real-life settings really shine. We all have great memories of the rich worlds that Playground Games created, whether it be kicking up dust in Forza Horizon 3’s Australian Outback or in Forza Horizon 4’s swirling trails of leaves in the English countryside. The team is now focused on Mexico with Forza Horizon5.

We knew right from the start that this was going to be the largest Forza Horizon. We wanted to make the largest Forza Horizon , but we had to give the best variety and contrast. Mike Brown is the Creative Director at Playground Games. Mexico is almost the entire world in one place: beautiful beaches and ancient architecture mixed with lush tropical forests, dramatic canyons, stunning mountains, gorgeous cities, old buildings, and beautiful landscapes. The Horizon Festival is more interesting when you consider Mexico’s amazing culture, music, art and history.

Playground Games has divided Forza Horizon5‘s Mexico in 11 unique and distinct biomes. Each one was meticulously researched by the team and then recreated. Our team gathers information from each location to create concept photos that show the unique details and beauty of each biome. “Photogrammetry is used to accurately recreate an environment,” Don Arceta (Art Director Forza Horizon) at Playground Games. We bring in the wonders and sounds of the planet through every location. It is the goal of artistic expression to create an atmosphere that makes you feel as if you are there.

Forza Horizon 5 will feature seasons, which adds a whole new dimension to the game. Each of the eleven unique biomes will have a different transition through the seasons. Spring, for example, is the rainy season on the farmland and jungles of Mexico. Summer could be characterized by intense tropical storms on the beaches. Forza Horizon Horizon 5 seasons keep Mexico in constant evolution, encouraging players and tourists to see the entire world every season.

What about the biomes? The 11 biomes are spread over an area that is approximately one-and-a half times larger than Forza Horizon 4 and represent the largest map ever created by Forza Horizon. Let’s have a look at it:


This biome was featured in the Forza 5 trailer. The canyon is filled with rock formations with distinctive striations. Many of these erode to create hoodoos, which are unique only in this area. Failty-free fact: Each biome has its own audio, and the canyon is home to more echos than the rest.

Tropical Coast

These are the things you might think about when you picture a vacation in Mexico. It feels like you are in a postcard. Until you get to storm season which changes everything about how you navigate the area. Be on the lookout for flying palm trees


These rolling hills have lush vegetation and fruit-bearing trees. They are also much more flat than the Forza Horizongames. While you cruise through this area, there will be many fences that can be broken through as well as picturesque homes to visit.

Arid Hills

This biome, as you would expect from its name, is filled with dry grasses and rolling hills, along with plenty of open space for off-road driving. This biome has one of its coolest characteristics: a lake which actually dries out in winter, opening up secret passages and shortcuts.


This biome is filled with dense, lush vegetation, towering trees, and beautiful sunrays that shine through its canopy. It also features impressive waterfalls, and flowing rivers. Hidden temples can also be found in the area. All of them are located in Mexico.

Living Desert

Forza Horizon 5 is the first game in the Forza Horizon series to feature a desert of cactus with towering saguaros. The area is also home to a variety of unique rock formations, rock piles, and other natural features. It is alive with wildlife and flowers, as the name suggests.

Rocky Coast

This one is quite different from the other tropical coasts. It has much less vegetation and trees. Because there aren’t too many trees here, the view is full of ocean views and the sunset. You can also take a round (read: around) on a golf course as a bonus for all golfers.

Sand Desert

This biome, which is dotted with towering sand dunes and fertile soil, is ideal for buggy riding or carving in the sand. You don’t have to get sand in your feet, as many roads here feature straightaways. This gives you plenty of chances to test how fast your favourite ride actually is.


A swamp may not seem like the ideal place to raise a family, but its shallow waters make it a wonderful place. Mangrove trees are also found in the swamp, which have many interconnected roots and thick leaves. These can be smashed through during races. You may have to change the route depending upon whether your car is capable of handling it.

Guanajuato is an Urban City

There’s lots of beautiful architecture in Mexico. It is a great place to race, with many hills and tunnels. You’ll also hear echoes echoing around the narrow streets of the city, just like the Canyon.


This massive mountain, which is another first in the Forza Horizon series of games, can be found right beside the Living Desert. This volcano is very high up, and driving to its top rewards you with a view of the sky. You will not encounter snow here, so make sure you bring an extra coat.

This in-depth overview of the biomes that Forza Horizon 5 will offer is a great way to get acquainted with them. __S.72__

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