Fortnite 17.21 Release Time Confirmed

Fortnite 17.21 Release Time Confirmed

Fortnite 17.21 Release Time Confirmed

Fortnite is getting another update soon. The devs just revealed the rollout time for the 17.21 patch. The patch will launch July 27th. According to dataminers and leakers, the update has some crazy content, including the Grab-Itron gun and an Ariana Grande concert.

Epic confirmed that Epic services would be removed prior to the release of 17.21 on July 27, at 12:30 a.m. PDT/ 3:30 a.m. EDT/ 8:30 a.m. BST. The usual rollout should make the update playable at around 1am PDT/ 4am ET/ 9am GMT, provided there aren’t any major technical problems. Unfortunately, 17.20’s early release seems to be a rare event.

Official announcement says to “Take up power…of science!” This seems to refer to Grab-Itron weapons, which dataminers anticipate will be released as part 17.21. You can grab and throw things, or rotate through held objects.

According to dataminers, an event will also be held on July 31. However, this is subject to change until official announcements are made. Files for the event will likely be made as part of 17.21. Meanwhile, reports about an upcoming Ariana Grande concert are only getting stronger.

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