Fortnite server down today. With 17.21 Update?

Fortnite Update 17.21 will be released today. Epic Games provided teasers about what you can expect.

The current Season 7 patch will likely be smaller than other patches, but it still contains new content.

Fans will have access to the latest update that includes the Grab-Itron weapon.

You will be able grab and toss items, as well rotating through various items.

Grab-Itrons will be available at Supply Drops and Floor Loots as well as the Mothership Legendary Chest.

Other rumours suggest that Fortnite will host a brand new event this weekend.

Although it’s not clear what the concert will consist of, reports suggest that Ariana Grande will perform in the near future.

Epic Games has also been sharing more wraps information, which could mean that there may be more to come.

Epic Games’ message says, “You have wrapped your Motorboats and weapons in your wraps. Now, it is time to do the same for yourself.”

Wrappables’ debut is marked by the Show Your Style Set. You can edit the Outfits, Pickaxes and Back Blings to show any Wraps. And you have the option to combine and match them. You can wear the Magma Wrap with your Outfit, and the Frosty Glow Wrap with your Back Bling. You can do it.


Fortnite’s server will be down at 8:30 AM BST today, Tuesday July 27, 2021.

This will affect gamers living in the United States. Maintenance starts at 3:30 AM EDT the next day.

There is no need to wait for servers to return as every platform will soon be back online.

Epic Games did not provide an exact date for servers to be restored, but they confirmed that it would take at least a week.

The official Fortnite website states that maintenance can take up to 4 hours. This means things will be back online at 1pm BST.

Today’s Fortnite maintenance will bring you more news including patch notes.

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