Four major updates are likely to be made to Hell Let Loose. Year

Hell Let Loose will soon introduce you to the Eastern Front. However, the update 10 that includes two Russian maps won’t end the road to development for WWII FPS games. Black Matter, the developer of Hell Let Loose says that players can count on updates at an average rate of four per year after Hell Let Loose is removed from Early Access July 27, according to Black Matter.

Max Rea, Black Matter’s CEO, says that updates will continue to follow the same pattern as the last year after Hell Let Loose is removed from Early Access. That’s meant that major updates were spaced at approximately three months intervals, with small updates and hotfixes between.

Rea says that the initial launch was very fast. This is because the game didn’t contain the necessary content to maintain interest. Now that we have so many maps and so many weapons, forces, loadsouts, vehicles and other ways to play the game, I believe it is more about quality. It’s also important for us to maintain the quality which makes the game a true beast.

Rea said that of four major updates coming up in the next year Black Matter plans to focus on one. It will be a paid expansion. He hasn’t revealed what it might be, but he says that it will likely include the addition of new Soviet forces.

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Black Matter is still working on expansions, but has not yet decided how to price them. Rea states that no matter how much content is added by the studio, it will be done in a way that avoids splitting players – he wants everyone to have access to any new modes or maps that may become available and to ensure that people don’t feel pressured to purchase “a new whole game” every year.

Rea gives hints about future factions which could be seen in Hell Let Loose. He says, “We would love to do British and Japanese.”

To learn more about Hell Let Loose, you can check out our review. S.

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