Gail Emms (44), sparks excitement as she squeezes in 13-year old kit to support GB stars

Gail Emms (44), spoke out about the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Badminton competitions today. This was after Great Britain’s Women’s Doubles match against Indonesia. She recalled her experiences competing and then slipped back into her box to share a video online.

This blonde beauty, who achieved world success at doubles tournaments in the peak of her career, has now supported this year’s players.

She shared a TikTok video in which she stated: “So, the Olympics have begun, so I’ve got my kit on obviously.”

She stepped back from the camera in order to show fans her red-and-blue kit better.

Gail showed her supporters the back of her top and it read “Emms Great Britain.”

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With Donna Kellogg, she competed with her partner in badminton in the 2004 Summer Olympics.

She and Donna were again challenged four years later by China’s Wei Yili, Zhang Yawen.

She also announced her retirement in the same year.

Gail opened up in 2017 about her transition to coaching and motivational speaking.

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