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Games with Gold: August 2021: This money-saving opportunity is not to be missed Xbox Live deal

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Games with Gold: August 2021: This money-saving opportunity is not to be missed
Xbox Live deal

CDKeys offers a great deal if you are looking to renew your Xbox Live Gold subscription. This online retailer offers a huge discount for Xbox Live Gold members right now. Xbox Live Gold memberships usually cost PS49.99 for 12 months.

CDKeys currently offers a one-year subscription to Xbox Live Gold at PS39.99, a 20% discount

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Xbox Live Gold Memberships give you online access to Xbox and a monthly collection of Games with Gold free downloads.

This Sunday is the start of August 2021 Games with Gold. Microsoft will announce next Games with Gold free downloads sometime this week.

Microsoft doesn’t set a date for when their next free month of monthly games will be announced, unlike Sony.

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We could also see next Games with Gold downloads at any time in the build-up to the beginning of next month.

Inbound Games with Gold’s August 2021 lineup means that there is not much time left to get games from July 2021.

Conker Live and Reloaded, Midway Arcade Origins Origins, Rock of Ages 3 & Planet Alpha were all included in July 2021 Xbox Live Gold.

Conker already left Games with Gold. It was a free game download from July 1 through July 15.

After this Saturday, Planet Alpha and Midway Arcade Origins will be gone.

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Rock of Ages 3 can be found in the Games with Gold Carousel of Free Games between July 16th and August 15.

More information on Planet Alpha, and Midway Arcade Origins are available here. They will soon be leaving Games With Gold.

Planet Alpha

Survive on a mysterious planet full of dangers and mysteries. You are alone and marooned on a foreign planet. Explore it and discover its hidden treasures. You will be pursued by relentless enemies, so use the power of day and night to fight for your survival in this strange world.

Midway Arcade Origins

You can relive the days of your childhood with more than 30 classic arcade games. You don’t need quarters to enjoy!

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