Genshin Impact Aloy Release Date and Capabilities

Mihoyo and Guerrilla Games have joined forces to introduce Aloy (the protagonist from Horizon Zero Dawn) to the worldshin Impact. Cryo abilities make the machine hunter a 5-star bow user, with Cryo power. She’s free to all adventure ranks 20 and up.

Genshin Impact 2.0 beta datamined has revealed a lot of information leaks. Aloy has been revealed to have some special abilities. We also know Kujou Sara, Baal and other members of the Genshin Impact team. Kokomi joins the game with the 2.1 update, following Sara and Baal.

This leaked information may not appear in the next update. Beta builds can change at any time. Genshin Impact 2.0 has been with us for several week. If you have any questions, be sure to check out our Perpetual Mechanical Array boss guide or our Sacred Sakura Cleansing ritual questline guide. This is everything that we know so far about Aloy.


Aloy will be coming to Genshin Impact with the 2.2 update, which launches October 13th 2021 for PlayStation gamersYou can. To unlock Aloy, PC and mobile players will need to wait for the Genshin Impact 2.0 update (November 24, 2021). Aloy can only be obtained by adventurers who are at least 20. All eligible players will be notified by the game’s mail system.

The exclusive PlayStation sword and glider can be claimed by PC or mobile users as well. Sign in to either the PlayStation 4/5 or the PlayStation 5 versions of the game and Aloy will be available a month sooner on the platform you choose. Aloy can unlock the Predator bow free of charge on the same day. However, this effect is only available when you play on PlayStation consoles.


According to the website description, Aloy is the same Aloy who was involved in the battle against Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy came to Teyvat to find new challenges, according to in-game legends. Aloy arrived in Teyvat at the perfect time, as Inazuma was taken over by Raiden Shogun. Baal declared a Vision Hunt in the area, taking away the power from those who weren’t born with the Gods.


The Genshin Impact 2.0 beta builds have revealed Aloy’s capabilities. Here’s what to expect from this master hunter.

Normal Attack: Rapid Fire

  • Normal attackYou can perform up to 4 consecutive shots using a bow
  • Attaque compelledIncreased damage is dealt by aiming with an exact shot. Frost builds up on your arrowhead while you charge the shot. Once fully charged, it will cause Cryo damage.
  • Plunging attack: Lights several arrows mid-air, before hitting the ground.

Elemental Attack: Frozen Wilds

Aloy throws the freeze bomb, which explodes upon impact and deals Cryo damage. This freeze bomb explodes on impact, causing Cryo damage.

Aloy receives one coil stack for enemies who are inflicted damage by the chillwater bomblets or freeze bomb. Rushing Ice is a conversion of her Cryo attacks to normal attack if Aloy has four coil stacks. Rushing Ice can only be used by Aloy while she is still active.

Prophecies of Dawn: Elemental Attack

Aloy throws an explosive-filled power cell that can only be ignited with an arrow. The power cell can be detonated by an arrow and deals Cryo damage in the area it is struck.


  • It’s easy!Aloy will not startle small pets as often when he is at the party
  • OverrideAloy’s attack increases by 16% when she receives Frozen Wilds coil stacks. Aloy also gets an attack boost for her party members of 8%. The effect lasts ten seconds
  • Forever StrongAloy’s Cryo damage bonus will increase by 3.5% each second when she is in Rushing Ice. This way, you can get a maximum 35% Cryodamage bonus

This is all there is to know about Aloy’s release date for Genshin Impact. Ayaka, the main character on the Genshin Impact banner is available for those who can’t wait to be the “Saviour from Another World”. Although this Cryo princess doesn’t have a bow but can do a lot of damage with her sword, Need more primogems? To claim your in-game rewards, visit our Genshin Impact codes page.

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