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Los Angeles’ 20th Annual ALIS Conference attracts 1,800 Angeles

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Los Angeles' 20th Annual ALIS Conference attracts 1,800

The American Lodging Investment Summit, nearly 550 days following its 2020 event, met on Monday for its 20th Anniversary event with almost 1,800 attendees. According to spokespersons for Burba Hotel Network (a division of Northstar Travel Group), which owns BTN.

Just weeks after January 2020’s conference in America, the Covid-19 pandemic struck the USA. It halted business travel and meetings for nearly one year and threw the hospitality sector into an unstoppable spiral. BHN President Jeff Higley said that positive conference attendance and a willingness to roll up their sleeves indicate that the industry is ready for the future.

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“The sponsors, speakers and delegate at
ALIS Law and ALIS Law have established themselves as industry leaders…[and] they sent us clear messages that we should follow their lead.
They want to be an example for the rest of the travel industry as they move into recovery
He said that mode was his goal. He added, “They want to show, as do all of us at Northstar Travel Group.”
It is possible to organize large-scale events safely and efficiently.
It is productive and helps to stimulate the economy in the U.S.
“The world.”

This event was not without its challenges. Los Angeles County reinstated the mask requirement on June 15. Everyone who participates in indoor public events is now required to cover their faces. For the event, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines are in effect. Higley recognized the challenges facing hospitality, and remained positive about its willingness to tackle them.

It will continue to be an ongoing challenge for all of the travel and tourism industry
It will take time to heal from the severe hits that it suffered during the pandemic.
There are many twists along the route, such as Los Angeles County’s mandate for indoor masks
We are using ALIS Law and ALIS Law to navigate. Thank you for your generosity.
The hotel-investment community takes this responsibility seriously and is demonstrating
The lead-by-example approach is what’s required to restart things.

ALIS sponsors and executives came from companies like Wyndham International, Wyndham International, Hyatt, Marriott International and Best Western Hotels & Resorts.

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