Many qualified workers are available — The Right Price

A new survey has revealed that millions of workers are searching for work.

According to FlexJobs’ survey, nearly half (48%) of job-seekers say that they feel frustrated at not being able to find the right job. Some job-seekers seem to have lowered their expectations for what type of jobs they are willing to take on. According to the survey, 36% of job-seekers have submitted for positions they feel they are not qualified for and 56% have thought about applying for such jobs.

Covid-19 was a major factor in respondents’ employment situations. Sixty nine percent of people who are unemployed at the moment say that they have lost their jobs as a result of this pandemic. 42% of those who are unemployed have not been employed for at least one year. FlexJobs surveyed more than 1,800 respondents over a period of two weeks in June.

Last year’s Covid-19 relief package passed by Congress has been criticized for its impact on employment. One state governor told the Wall Street Journal that continuation of benefits had “worsened our workforce problems we are facing.” However, the FlexJobs survey found that only 13% of those surveyed said they had put off job hunting because they were eligible for unemployment benefits and/or stimulus relief.

These results provide insight into a complex job market. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce published a survey earlier in the month that found only 44 percent of small business owners believed it was difficult to find skilled workers. According to the Labor Department, there were 9.48 Million Americans without jobs last month. Indeed also estimated that 9.8 Mio. job opportunities were available earlier in this month.

Offering higher wages is one solution that business owners might consider. Respondents to FlexJobs survey 46% felt that the job they are interested in was too low-paying.

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